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WRTC 2018. RigExpert AA-35 ZOOM – Champion’s Tool!

“All sites will be equal right down to the detailed level.

At the World Championship, ensuring all competing teams have the same operational conditions is of core importance. This does not only apply to topographical conditions, which have recently been verified in detail. This also applies to the antennas. It’s not good enough just to build the same type of antennas and get them “somewhere around” resonance. In order to create the same conditions for all competitors great importance was placed on the accuracy of the measuring equipment to be used in this area.

wrtc_logo_small                                          aa-35zoom-wrtc2018

At WRTC 2018, the antenna construction teams will all use standardized antenna analyzers provided by RigExpert. RigExpert has produced the antenna analyzer AA-35 ZOOM in a “special edition” for the WRTC 2018. The analyzer has more storage than the standard device. This is necessary to allow the comparative measurement of multiple team-built antenna systems. The AA-35 ZOOM analyzer was selected because its +13 dBm output power ensures stable measurements. This is the only way we can guarantee during construction that all antenna systems are the same. The Nanuk hard case provides optimal protection of the valuable device even in rough usage areas”.

(posted by WRTC 2018)

Behind the difficult preparation of the organizers and teams, sleepless nights of participants and emotions of observers. Here are the most interesting facts that we found:

  • there were 63 teams from all over the world. They are best of the best!
  • two Ukrainian teams took very worthy places: #8 US2YW Vyacheslav Zhuk and UW7LL Iaroslav Oliinyk Team Europe – EU #3_5 and #13 UR0MC Roman Tkachenko and VE3DZ Yuri Onipko, representative of RigExpert! Team Europe – EU #3_1
  • also the youth team, which included the Leonid Kharchenko UT5GW (from Ukraine) Youth Team #2, took place #14.

REU applauds the winners and is proud of Ukrainian sportsmen! We are not tired of repeating that we were happy to sponsor such a large-scale event!






More photos here.


January 2021