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Description of the REFTDI program

The REFTDI software is designed to program the EEPROM memory of the USB chips which are included in all our products. This is necessary for the operating system to install the device, as well for the other computer software to automatically detect the type of transceiver interface or analyzer.

The REFTDI program is used in the following cases:

Factory programming;
If the EEPROM memory is damaged or after replacement of a chip;
Once the user needs to re-program an “older” (manufactured before 2008) RigExpert Tiny, Standard or Plus interface – this is required to let these interface work under Windows Vista, 7 and 8.

The last case requires that “older” drivers be installed before re-programming.


Connect the device to your PC. The operating system should be able to detect it and to install all necessary drivers. If “Unknown device” is found, there is no sense to proceed.
Run the REFTDI program. If necessary, download the ftd2xx.dll file and put it into the same folder.
Watch the warning message: it is really inportant to set the correct device type; otherwise the device may be damaged and the warranty will be void.
Select the device type from the drop-down list and press “Program”.
Watch the result message. If an error caused by incorrect number of serial ports is reported, check if all serial ports are installed and none of them are disabled in the Device Manager.
Re-plug the device.

Download REFTDI