Interface Comparison

Comparison table of RigExpert interfaces

All models contain:
Transceiver CAT system,
PTT & CW outputs,
PTT,CW & CAT activity LEDs.
Other functions:
FunctionRigExpert TI-7RigExpert TI-8RigExpert WTI-1RigExpert TI-5000
Computer connectionUSBUSBWi-FiUSB
Built-in sound card++++
Internal CW keyerWINKEY-compatibleWINKEY-compatibleWINKEY-compatible
FSK output++++
In/Out volume adjustment potentiometers+++
S/PDIF optical I/O
USB hub output+
Additional COM port
Microphone and footswitch inputs+
Additional PTT or CAT output+
Support for any transceiver model++++