ARDF Championships, Sokcho, KOREA 2018

Rig Expert Ukraine was one of the sponsor of Ukrainian national team for 19th World ARDF Championships, Sokcho, KOREA 2018! Our Chief Engineer and developer of ARDF equipment, Oleg Олег Шуман (Oleg Shuman), also joint the team and that is what he says: “Fist of all let me thank Ukrainian Radioamateur League (http://ardf.org.ua/) and REU company for unique oppportunity to be a part of Ukrainian  team in Korea. I was really delighted with the organization of the competition and the country in particular. This is not surprising because the event was of a global scale and it gathered the best sportsmen from 29 countries of the world. The competition in the races was tough enough so I took only 24 place in the sprint among 42 participants. This means that there is still much to strive for! In fact Ukrainian team has much more better results! It was also nice to see the teams with our RigExpert receivers  (FoxRex144, FoxRex 3500). It’s getting clear the Asian market shows a great interest in such equipment and managed to appreciate all its advantages.” Team ratings and more photos here:  http://www.ardf2018.kr/

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