Plug, Run & Have Fun!

01Dear RigExpert Followers,
We are pleased to present you our new device – RigExpert TI-3000 transceiver interface.
Here are the key benefits and features of RigExpert TI-3000:
– Support for all Digital Modes: RTTY, BPSK, Olivia, MFSK, SSTV, JT65, FT8, and newest FT4;
– No driver installation required. This is a Plug&Play device;
– Only one USB cable is required to connect to PC;
– Works with all popular OS: Windows, MacOS, Linux;
– Simpler setup with Logging programs: Automatically creates two virtual serial ports CAT and PTT/CW;
– Convenient adjustment of input and output signals from the front panel;
– The squelch input is assigned to the DCD line of the COM port used for PTT and CW outputs.

You can find more details on RigExpert TI-3000 page:

Please contact your Favorite RigExpert Dealer to purchase the newest RigExpert TI-3000 transceiver interface.

Sincerely yours,
RigExpert Crew