AntScope2 new version 1.2.0 available.

We are glad to present the main features that have been added to AntScope2 ver. 1.2.0.
RigExpert simplified the process of connecting analyzers with a COM interface (such as AA-200, AA-30/54/170/600/1000/1400 and others, as well as AA-55 ZOOM with classic Bluetooth module).
Now you do not need to search for the serial port number in the device manager or use special utilities. AntScope2 will automatically detect all connected COM analyzers:

As before, analyzers with a HID interface will be recognized and connected automatically without the need to enter the program settings.

We have expanded the amount of data displayed in marker mode. Now you can independently choose the number of displayed parameters, as well as exactly those parameters that you need.
Just click on the arrow and select the parameters you need from the drop-down list.

At the request of some customers, we have added a graph of the impedance module |Z| in the TDR measurement menu.
This is convenient for visual observation of the impedance distribution over the entire antenna-feeder system.

We have added a scrolling line displaying up-to-date information regarding RigExpert products, new software releases, firmware, etc.

Single frequency measurement mode.

Just set the Range item to 0 and the program will measure the parameters at the frequency specified in the Center item.

Also, new types of coaxial cables have been added, we fixed bugs with displaying the Smith chart, and fixed errors related to frequency input.

Link: https://rigexpert.com/files/software/Antscope/

We wish everyone a pleasant use of the AntScope2 program!