Hello 2021. Time to make your life easier with Discount Special!

Dear Friend,

Let’s enter the new year 2021 with gifts and a good mood.
The following instant rebates valid for VHF/UHF analyzers purchases until January 31, 2021.

We are very excited to offer financial incentives for Amateur radio operators to buy RigExpert Cable and Antenna analyzers/Antenna testers from their favorite Dealer through special discounts.

Model                                                           Instant Rebate
RigExpert antenna analyzer AA-230 ZOOM            $25.00
RigExpert antenna analyzer AA-600                         $25.00
RigExpert antenna analyzer AA-1000                       $50.00
RigExpert antenna analyzer AA-1400                       $60.00

To take advantage of this unique opportunity, please contact your favorite RigExpert Dealer.
Your new great Vector Network Analyzer is waiting for you.
RigExpert’s VNA is all in one: SWR meter, Antenna tester, Cable tester and irreplaceable tool for tuning antennas.

Sincerely yours,
Magic RigExpert Team