KH1/KH7Z Baker Island DXpedition Sponsorship!

KH1/KH7Z Baker Island DXpedition Sponsorship!

“Don’t leave home without it!” (Don N1DG)

It was so important and long-awaited DXpedition, that we decided to allocate it to a separate news, as the result of the year 2018. We were proud to be a sponsor of such a significant event!

In fact KH1 is ranked #5, according to Club Log DXCC Most Wanted List 2018!
DXpedition WEB site: Baker2018

RigExpert AA-54 antenna analyzer review by KH1/KH7Z Baker Island DXpedition Team Leader Don Greenbaum on the most famous platform: :

“I was one of the organizers for the recently concluded KH1/KH7Z Baker Island DXpedition. On June 25 we landed on Baker and immediately started building antennas consisting of 3 small SteppIR IRs, 3 big IRs, 3 two element arrays for 20 and 15, verticals for 80 and 160, 2 DHDL receive antennas and a 3 element 6 mtr vertical beam. All had to be tuned due to proximity to the ocean and tides.

Imagine doing this without a reliable and accurate antenna tuner? We took the best, two AA-54s that were used on EVERY antenna we erected. No guesswork, no worries about inaccurate readings. The range display, the quick swr readings. There is no way we would build the camp and make 70,000 QSOs without these valuable tools.

Thank you RigExpert!”

Don N1DG