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Love is ON the Air

Dear RigExpert Followers,

We decided to prove our sincere Love to You and make a logical continuation of the “Love is in the Air”๐Ÿ’“ super cover action.

This time we are offering you something very special – “Love is ON the Air” an Instant Rebate promo action.

The terms of the “Love๐Ÿ’“ is ON the Air” an Instant Rebate promo action are very simple. Buying RigExpert: AA-600, AA-1000 or AA-1400 antenna analyzers from February 10 to April 10, 2020, you will get an Instant Rebate:
1. RigExpert AA-600 minus 40 USD
2. RigExpert AA-1000 minus 60 USD
3. RigExpert AA-1400 minus 100 USD

To take advantage of this unique opportunity, contact your favorite RigExpert dealer.

With sincere Love๐Ÿ’™ and Respect,
RigExpert Crew