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Meet the winner

Our respected colleague Oleg (UT5UML) Shuman – the developer of device Foxrex 3500 took part in championships of 17th USA National ARDF and 9th IARU Region 2. Oleg took part in the competitions of such a high level for the first time. We all were excited to see him during contests, as an important task was to test his newest ARDF receiver of FoxRex 3500 in the conditions of real contests. How our admiration was when he brought four medals to Ukraine!


There are:

  • Three golden medals in a sprint, the classics on 3.5 MHz and the classics on 144 MHz
  • Silver medal in foxoring Striking

and, at the same time, appropriate result for a newer, equipped with the newest receiver of FoxRex 3500. By the way, in a victory heat in the classics on 144MHz Oleg used a prototype of ARDF receiver of FoxRex 1440 which is developing now.