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Meeting of Contest Club Ontario

On Saturday, August 25, the traditional summer meeting of Contest Club Ontario took place on the territory of VE3EJ super station. There were more than 100 people. Traditionally, a lottery was played, where the main prizes were USB Interface TI-8 and Wi-Fi Interface WTI-1.
The lucky owner of TI-8 was our compatriot Igor Mordik, VA3FF / VE3KAO (ex-UX7AA), and WTI-1 got Dragan, VE3FF.
Also, 2 free registrations for MixW2 and MixW3 were played. They were won by VE3BR and VE3NFN.
Recall that last year TI-7 won the famous DX-men and QSL-manager VE3XN, which allowed him to appear on FT8.
Contest Club Ontario and one of our leading partners, Rig Expert Canada (Yuri Onipko N2WCQ / VE3DZ) thank Rig Expert Ukraine for sponsorship!


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