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RigExpert AA-55 ZOOM Option Bluetooth is coming…

Dear Partners & Customers,

As a rule, unexpected discoveries of the modern world take place at the intersection of technologies.
We implanted Bluetooth technology in the RigExpert AA-55 ZOOM antenna analyzer and opened up new applications for this popular device.

Now, thanks to its ability to work in conjunction with a smartphone or the newest Netbook, the new RigExpert AA-55 ZOOM Option Bluetooth antenna analyzer is your “laboratory” in a field.
Download and install the Android application or AntScope2 for your Netbook to:
– operate the analyzer remotely;
– see the characteristics of your antenna in more detail;
– locate cable faults in TDR mode;
– galvanically isolate the analyzer from the computer;
– share measurement results through social networks.


Android application and compatible AntScope2 software are here:


* Planned release date is September 01, 2018.