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T31EU Kanton Island

T31EU Kanton Island
February – March 2019

“We were expected that the RigExpert AA-230 ZOOM antenna analyzer works so easy. Very very simple and easy. We must only push less keys to get a result. All our antennas works good!”

Guenter DL2AWG, T31EU Team Leader

RigExpert is proud to be a sponsor of T31EU DXpedition!

According to Club Log, T31 is ranked #37 at DXCC Most Wanted List 2019.

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“Great analyzer!
We got the AA-230 ZOOM analyzer from RigExpert for our DXpedition to T31EU Kanton Island ( Without this analyzer, it would be difficult to adjust the antennas, especially the low-band antenna. The analyzer is easy to use for everyone. Perfect and clear display, the user interface is simple and understandable. Thanks again RigExpert for using this analyzer”. Source.

PA3EWP, Ronald

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