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Tokelau Islands DXpedition 2019 has started!

It should be pointed out Rig Expert Ukraine presented to this DXpedition: RigExpert AA-230 ZOOM antenna analyzer and RigExpert TI-8 transceiver interface 2 pcs.

Today our colleague Alexey Yakovlev UT5UY sets off on a long journey.

ukrainian-team-to-tokelau-dxpeditionUkrainian part of the team: Alex / UT5UY / (RigExpert Head of sales),Roman (UR0MC), Nick (UT8IO), Alex (US0KW) and Sergii (UR9QQ) the team is flying right now (Thursday September 26, 2019) from Boryspil International Airport (Ukraine)
In total, the team consists of 19 experienced operators from nine countries and four continents.
All equipment of the expedition to Tokelau ZK3A was tested and packed.


matalikiMore than 2 tons of equipment is already on Samoa, the point where their Pacific voyage on the Mataliki ship will begin.
The total distance that the team has to cover in time
expedition about 50,000 km.
Only one-way flight takes almost two days: Ukraine –
Poland – Singapore – Fiji – Samoa.





The volunteer team of the expedition – Dusko (ZL3WW), Adrian (KO8SCA) and Robert (N7QT) has landed Tokelau on September, 24. They has delivered most of the expedition equipment and installed antennas. In this regard, there is a high probability that ZK3A will sound in air a few days earlier.
The number of equipment will allow the team to have 6-7 working places and be active around day and night on all bands all modes.



tokelauAll details, news, photos on the expedition website:

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