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Downloads for AA-170 Antenna Analyzer

  • Software
  • Firmware updates
  • Product briefs
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  • Installation disk for RigExpert Standard/TI-5 transceiver interfaces and RigExpert AA-30/54/170/230/230PRO/520/600/1000/1400 antenna analyzers. Includes Windows (32- and 64-bit), Linux (Wine) and Mac OS (Wine) versions of the software for RigExpert Antenna Analyzers.
  • Stand-alone AntScope software updates for RigExpert antenna analyzers (for experienced users):
    Download Antscope. Unzip the file: put AntScope.exe and ftd2xx.dll into the RigExpert Antenna Analyzer folder inside Program Files. Put the contents of the RuntimeFiles folder into \AppData\Local\RigExpert\AntScope\.
  • ListRE program -see serial port numbers of all RigExpert devices connected to your computer.
Third-party software: Programmer's reference: Data exchange with RigExpert antenna analyzers.

Firmware updates

  • Attention: Please apply these updates to corresponding analyzers (and corresponding hardware revisions) only. Using improper firmware update files may permanently damage your device. Warranty will be void in this case.To update the firmware, unzip the file then run the FirmwareUpdate.exe program and follow on-screen instructions. See readme.txt file inside the archive for the list of updates.

Product briefs

User’s manuals

User’s manuals:


Software manual for all RigExpert analyzers: