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RigExpert AA-230 ZOOM – Frequently asked questions

Q: The output RF level at the antenna connector of the AA-230 ZOOM is -10 dBm, which is quite low compared to many other instruments. Does it mean the analyzer will not operate properly with long cables?

A: No, the AA-230 ZOOM will work fine with long (hundreds of meters) cables. The analyzer has a very sensitive, narrow band input, so -10 dBm is much enough for accurate measurements, even after loosing a few decibels in a long cable.

Q: The specs say the AA-230 ZOOM has a square wave output, which means there are several frequency components (harmonics) in such a signal. Then, how the SWR and other parameters of my antenna are measured at a specific, single frequency?

A: Please look at the structure diagram of the analyzer. The instrument filters out all unnecessary frequency components, thanks to the very narrow band (several hundred Hz) filter.

Q: Is the AA-230 ZOOM sensitive to nearby repeaters or broadcast transmitters?

A: No, unless a high-power transmitter is operating closely at the same frequency you are trying to use the analyzer at.

Q: Can I charge Ni-MH batteries inside the analyzer?

A: No, please remove batteries from the analyzer and use a separate charger.

Q: Can I use Lithium-Ion batteries instead of alkaline or Ni-MH ones?

A: Most likely, you will burn the analyzer. Lithium-Ion batteries have an output voltage of about 3.7 V each: compare to 1.2 V  for Ni-MH and 1.5 V for alkaline ones.