To do list

Dear friends!

We want to be open to our customers. On this page you can see a list of found bugs in the MixW4 program.
Every day this list will be changed. After fixing a bug, it will be removed from the list. When a new bug is discovered – added. If you encounter an error in the operation of MixW4 and did not find this error in the list, please let us know about it via email – mixwteam@gmail.com

Sincerely, MixW4 Team.

Category Description Priority Fixing path #
Interface Can not set arbitrary window sizes High 1.0.5
Interface Known bug: If you have problems with decoding, you need to close the RX window and re-open it. We are working on it. High 1.0.6
Core Adding FSK and WinKey ports High 1.0.6
Core An error in calculating the distance based on the QTH locator. Done 1.0.4
Core Adding Olivia, Contestia, MFSK modes Mid ~1.0.6
Feature DX Cluster: implement ‘New only’ feature Mid 1.0.5
Interface Implement layout changing history Mid ~1.0.6
Core MixW4 stops decoding after CW Tx High 1.0.5
Feature Expanding the program window MixW4 to additional screens (monitor, tablet, etc). Mid ~1.0.7
Core FT8: all report show dB -50 High 1.0.5
Core FT8: The decoder is not sensitive enough. High ~1.0.6
Core Adding Ten-Tec,JRC,OmniRig and Custom CAT protocols. Tnx to Ralph K1KOB High ~1.0.6
Core DXKeeper’s ADIF tag REGION not imported by MixW4 Done 1.0.5
Core ADIF location format XDDD MM.MMM ot supported by MixW4 Done 1.0.5
Core Crash of the MixW4 program when working with the FlexRadio SDR transceivers and other High ~1.0.6
Interface ADIF location format XDDD MM.MMM ot supported by MixW4 Done 1.0.5
Interface Make possible to switch the coordinate display format Done 1.0.5
Core DXCluster takes a long time to refresh Mid ~1.0.5
Interface Add Copy/Paste/Clear/Cut support to macro editing dialog Mid 1.0.5
Interface Move RX/TX controls to main toolbar Mid 1.0.5
Core Support all macros via MixW3 Mid ~1.0.6