Using RigExpert TI-5, Standard or Plus interfaces in FSK mode with MMTTY – the EXTFSK way

Here is a step-by-step instruction of setting up the MMTTY software with RigExpert TI-5, Standard or Plus interfaces.

First of all, please make sure your interface is connected to the PC and the drivers are properly installed. Run the “Show serial ports” program from the Start – RigExpert XXX menu. You will see a list of virtual serial ports on the screen:

The FSK port, COM8, is exactly what we need. (If you do not see an “FSK port” line in this list, you cannot continue.)

Now let’s try to set up MMTTY to use COM8 as an FSK port. Run the MMTTY, then go to Options – Setup MMTTY menu. Select the TX tab and choose COM8 as Port:

Once you press OK, an error message will appear on the screen:

This problem happens because the newer USB Serial Port drivers for FTDI chips (used in RigExpert interfaces as a USB-to-serial bridge) do not support low baudrates (such as 45 or 100 baud). One can use older drivers under Windows 2000 or XP to avoid this problem, but this trick will not work for Windows 7 and 8.

To enable FSK for RigExpert TI-5, Standard and Plus interfaces, a DLL file was developed specifically for the MMTTY software. Download the RE2EXTFSK package from RigExpert Downloads page. Drop the EXTFSK.DLL file from the archive to your MMTTY folder (normally, this will be C:\Program Files\MMTTY folder):

You will probably be asked for additional confirmation to be able to copy the file to the protected place. Press the Continue button:

Now set up the MMTTY in a different way. Go to Options – Setup MMTTY and then select the TX tab. Select EXTFSK as Port:

Select the Misc tab and choose Sound+COM-TxD(FSK) as Tx Port:

Press OK to finish. The program will automatically detect the FSK port and will transit data via it. Please notice that you will need to change jumper settings on the PCB of the interface to change baud rate. Also, set/reset the “FSKPTT” jumper if needed – please see the User’s manual of your interface.

Please watch the FSK LED on the front panel of your interface; it will let you know that data is transmitted via the FSK port:

This example was using the following: RigExpert TI-5, MMTTY 1.68A, Windows 7 32-bit.

73! de Denis UR8US (ex UU9JDR)



January 2022