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The Rig Expert AA-55 ZOOM was recently reviewed in QST

“The QST review shows that its drive level is something like +12 or +13 dBm, so I hoped that this would enable it to work on 160m at my QTH.
My QTH is located 6 miles from a 50 kW AM BCB station on 1140 kHz, over high conductivity ground. On my 90 foot top loaded vertical, it produces around +10 dBm. There are also a dozen or so other stations 20 dB below this one, including one at 1700 kHz.
Previous attempts with various network analyzers, even using a very exotic BCB reject filter, were unsuccessful.
I went ahead and purchased the AA-55 anyway, because it would be very useful for a lot of other stuff. After using it for various measurements on bands other than 160 meters, I would rate its general utility as “perfect”, just what I need for HF
antennas, and the whole thing is selfcontained (no laptop to drag around, although you can attach one to download
So I totally got my money’s worth before even trying it on 160 meters.

One thing that impressed me was ease of use! Many hobby type analyzers I have used have a terrible user interface.
The AA-55 was intuitive. I never read the manual! I just got to work with it.

Anyway, after I completed my recent maintenance project on the 160 meter vertical, I simply hooked the AA-55 directly to the vertical at the base. To my amazement, this thing just WORKED!
No BCB interference, and I wasn’t even protecting it with a filter.
“Finally”, as they say. I was very pleased to find out that my base resistance was 24 ohms. So the ground screen gets a clean bill of health.
I can highly recommend this product!”

Rick N6RK


November 2018
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