Workshops in the Rig Expert Ukraine Ltd. office!

Dear friends, it is time to expose our small secret to you. 🗣

image-2019-01-23-at-16-47-33Every week Rig Expert Ukraine Ltd. arranges unique workshops!😍
We invite in the role of speakers engineers and professionals in the field of radio, antenna, electronics etc. Sometimes the specialists of our company act as speakers.

Thus, we pursue a few goals: firstly, it is an excellent chance to communicate with leading experts and hams, exchange of experience and skills; secondly, this is the way to popularize hamradio in Ukraine!🇺🇦

🔹Today’s meeting on the topic “Features of the development HF devices. Harmonization and calculation of microstrip lines” was extremely useful.👍 The invited speaker Moshensky Andrey Aleksandrovich (UT5UUV),  the lecturer in one of the Kyiv university, gripped the attention of the audience!

Video of the meeting on fb.com.

📌Every Wednesday we are waiting for you to visit us in our office and it is completely free!✌

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