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VP6D. Ducie Island


Ducie Island
October – November 2018

“A Must Have Tool”

Gene K5GS, VP6D Co-Team Leader

While we only dream of traveling, our analyzers conquer the far uninhabited islands.

So ended one of the most significant DXpedition of the year 2018 on Ducie Island. Expedition site.

Of course, Rig Expert Ukraine Ltd. was one of the sponsors!

vp6d It is nice that the Kyiv resident Vadym Ivliev UT6UD took part in the expedition. This is what the Ducie team wrote us:

“Thanks for the RigExpert AA-55 ZOOM analyzers, they certainly are top performers”.

Gene K5GS, VP6D Co-Team Leader, kindly shared with us photos, as well as, wrote a wonderful review on a very reputable site

“We had 2 RigExpert AA-55 ZOOM antenna analyzers on VP6D Ducie Island DX-pedition. The CW and SSB campsites were just over a kilometer apart, separated by dense jungle, each camp had a RigExpert AA-55 ZOOM.

One team member brought along his MFJ-259B which failed when he tried to use it to troubleshoot a problem. Within a few minutes the RigExpert AA-55 ZOOM told him what the problem was, a quick repair was made.

We also used a RigExpert analyzer on TX3X Chesterfield Reef DX-pedition where we encountered serious problems with our 40 meter antennas. The analyzer enabled us to completely disassemble the antennas and adjust them for a crushed coral uneven base vs. flat solid ground.

An indispensable piece of test equipment for anyone who builds, tunes or repairs antennas. Will save you countless hours of guesswork and tinkering”.


February 2021