VHF / UHF antennas and design features

The theme of the workshop this Wednesday became VHF/UHF antennas and design features. Speaker: Denis Nechitailov,UR8US. We discussed the types of matching antennas, especially the propagation of radio waves in the VHF / UHF. Vertical and horizontal …


Velocity Factor

The topic of this Workshop was devoted to the Velocity Factor. We studied how this velocity factor varies depending on the frequency. The guide says that “the velocity factor for cable RG-58 is 0.66”. It turns out with …

RigExpert AA-1400 in Antarctic

Roman Bratchyk UT7UA about Antarctic expedition and RigExpert devices!

Finally, today our guest was a famous Ukrainian polar explorer – Roman Bratchyk UT7UA (aka EM1UA, EM1U, VP8CTR)! Roman brought us news from the Ukrainian Antarctic station Academician Vernadsky, told about the life of the XXIV expedition, …

RigExpert phase meter

Phase meter

Another workshop on Wednesdays! Today Denis Nechytailov talked about the prototype of the new device – the RigExpert PS-27 phase meter! We looked for its use for tuning and checking antennas. Also there was a discussion what …

Denis Nechitailov

Amateur satellites

Today we talked about amateur satellites, and in particular, about the recently launched geostationary satellite Es’hail-2 (Oscar 100). Denis answered some questions about satellite construction, types of satellites and their functions. Also there were discussed: Why do …