RigExpert Stick. Instant Rebate

Dear Friends,

Autumn is the time to check antennas and cables before the major contests.
This Autumn all HAM’s are going to need an all-purpose and reliable instrument to do this.
We have developed an ideal tool for universal use in the shack, in the field, or on the tower – the RigExpert Stick.

Stick is the world’s first antenna analyzer capable of 16 hours of continuous measurements without battery recharging.
Moreover, RigExpert Stick has:
° Pocket size & lightweight
° Water & dust protection
° One Long life Li-Ion battery
° Sun-readable E-Ink display
° Mobile application for iOS & Android
° Multé – innovative multi-band measurement mode

We know that every new RiExpert Stick owner falls in love with it at once.
Sure, we want to help the rest of the HAM’s to have that feeling too.
RigExpert invites you to enter the season together.

We announce the “Autumn – the Season of RigExpert Stick” Instant Rebate.
Action will last from September, 1 till November, 30 of 2020.

Just contact your favorite REU Partner to buy one with a $40 discount.



Sincerely yours,
RigExpert Crew