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  • Champion’s Tool!

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  • KH1/KH7Z. Baker Island

    “Don’t leave home without it!”

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  • VP6D. Ducie Island

    “A Must Have Tool”

    Gene K5GS, VP6D Co-Team Leader

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MixW 4

mixw_logo This is a new multi-mode, multi-platform software for radio amateurs.
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  • Antenna analyzers
  • Interfaces
  • ARDF equipment
  • Kits
  • Software
  • Accessories
  • Antenna analyzers
    Antenna analyzers are designed for testing, checking, tuning or repairing antennas and antenna feedlines. Hams prefer RigExpert portable lightweight analyzers with superior performance.

    Please see the Analyzer comparison table.
  • Interfaces
    USB interfaces: Connect your transceiver to your computer easily! Control your transcever's frequency and mode, record and play audio, operate digital modes.

    Wireless interfaces: Connect your transceiver to the Internet via a Wi-Fi network. Use your laptop to operate phone, CW or digital modes from anywhere in the world!

    Please see the Interface comparison table.
  • ARDF equipment
    The brand new ARDF Receiver RigExpert® FoxRex 3500 with great technical characteristics.

    Built-in LCD, rangefinder feature and rugged aluminium case make FoxRex 3500 a champion's choice.
  • Kits
    Our company is glad to support radio amateurs and hobbyists with unique kits which bring a lot of joy with minimum of assembly.
  • Software
    We are offering various software, such as stand-alone programs or programs to support our hardware products.

    MixW is a universal software for ham radio operators.

    Antscope is a companion program for RigExpert antenna analyzers.
  • Accessories
    We are glad to offer different accessories for our products, which include:

    • Printed product catalogs

    • Spare parts

    • Cables

Latest news


Now our analyzers and interfaces are officially used on ALL continents, including Antarctica!!!

On January 17, our office was visited by research scientists, who yesterday went to the Ukrainian Station Academic Vernadsky in Antarctica for seasonal research (Vernadsky_Research_Base).The company Rig Expert Ukraine Ltd. sponcored for Professional and Amateur use: antenna …


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What is it: a foozle of an operator or a great love of RigExpert product?


AA-55 ZOOM feedback

This is what an experienced ham K0UA says about our device, “I didn’t know what I was missing!I have been a ham for almost 50 years, and I have learned more in the last couple weeks of …


KH1/KH7Z Baker Island DXpedition Sponsorship!

KH1/KH7Z Baker Island DXpedition Sponsorship! “Don’t leave home without it!” (Don N1DG) It was so important and long-awaited DXpedition, that we decided to allocate it to a separate news, as the result of the year 2018. We were …


Ducie Island Expedition

While we only dream of traveling, our analyzers conquer the far uninhabited islands. So ended one of the most significant DXpedition of this year on Ducie Island. Expedition site: Of course, Rig Expert Ukraine Ltd. was …