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    AA-55 ZOOM: "This new analyzer is a perfect tool for antenna tuning and it helped us significantly."  -- Yuris, YL2GM.

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  • 3XY4D - Republic of Guinea

    "...ready for 3XY4D with TI-5, Tiny & AA-30 from your company!"

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  • 9U4M - Burundi DXPedition

    RigExpert supports Burundi DXPedition

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  • KH1 – Baker Island

    Rig Expert Ukraine continues the good tradition of sponsoring DXpeditions...

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MixW 4

mixw_logo This is a new multi-mode, multi-platform software for radio amateurs.
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  • Antenna analyzers
  • Interfaces
  • ARDF equipment
  • ISM testers
  • Kits
  • Software
  • Accessories
  • Antenna analyzers
    Antenna analyzers are designed for testing, checking, tuning or repairing antennas and antenna feedlines. Hams prefer RigExpert portable lightweight analyzers with superior performance.

    Please see the Analyzer comparison table.
  • Interfaces
    USB interfaces: Connect your transceiver to your computer easily! Control your transcever's frequency and mode, record and play audio, operate digital modes.

    Wireless interfaces: Connect your transceiver to the Internet via a Wi-Fi network. Use your laptop to operate phone, CW or digital modes from anywhere in the world!

    Please see the Interface comparison table.
  • ARDF equipment
    The brand new ARDF Receiver RigExpert® FoxRex 3500 with great technical characteristics.

    Built-in LCD, rangefinder feature and rugged aluminium case make FoxRex 3500 a champion's choice.
  • ISM testers
    Industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) testers are designed to provide better performance for your ISM equipment.
  • Kits
    Our company is glad to support radio amateurs and hobbyists with unique kits which bring a lot of joy with minimum of assembly.
  • Software
    We are offering various software, such as stand-alone programs or programs to support our hardware products.

    MixW is a universal software for ham radio operators.

    Antscope is a companion program for RigExpert antenna analyzers.
  • Accessories
    We are glad to offer different accessories for our products, which include:

    • Printed product catalogs

    • Spare parts

    • Cables

Latest news


WRTC 2018. RigExpert AA-35 ZOOM – Champion’s Tool!

“All sites will be equal right down to the detailed level. At the World Championship, ensuring all competing teams have the same operational conditions is of core importance. This does not only apply to topographical conditions, which …


Ducie Island VP6D & Republic of Zimbabwe Z23MD

Sponsorship in DX-peditions! “The best way to preserve the memory of good deeds is to repeat them” (Bacon) So, this time our sponsorship devices RigExpert are sent to do good deeds in 2 DX-peditions.


Attention to AA-230 ZOOM (S/N 2000 and higher) owners!

Dear customer, If you are an owner of AA-230 ZOOM analyzer (serial number 2000 and higher) and you are facing problems with its incorrect operation in conjunction with AnthScope2 or FlashTool programs, please update the firmware of …


Congratulations Oleg Schuman!

Our employees manage not only to participate in exhibitions, but also occupy first places in the competitions of ARDF! Congratulations on the victory our Chief Engineer Oleg Schuman!


Germany met with a bright sun and beautiful people!

Germany met with a bright sun and beautiful people! Ham Radio 2018 is over, and the pleasant aftertaste will remain for a long time. As usual, Rig Expert Ukraine booth aroused a keen interest among visitors, 90% …