RigExpert: Stability and Growth Amidst Challenging Conditions


RigExpert, renowned for its high-quality products for radio amateurs, celebrates another milestone birthday. This celebration is not just for us but also for thousands of partners, consumers, and radio enthusiasts worldwide.

For you, it is represented by devices under the RigExpert brand. For us, it is a very interesting technical and creative challenge. Because we constantly raise the bar for the quality of our products, striving for more functionality, measurement accuracy, and longer service life of our devices. And, of course, simplicity and convenience of operation are always on our minds.

Why Do We Do This?

Most of us are engineers and experienced radio amateurs. HAM Radio is our passion, and development is an exciting adventure.

Over the years, RigExpert has demonstrated stability and growth despite ever-changing and challenging conditions. The company continues to operate and provide consumers with innovative products, reaffirming its leadership in the market.

New Products and Lineup Updates

One of RigExpert’s key goals for this year is the release of new products and the update of its existing lineup. The company is tirelessly working on enhancing its antenna and cable analyzers to offer even more reliable and precise devices to its customers.

The new models promise to be a breakthrough in the world of radio amateurism, offering even more capabilities for professionals and enthusiasts. Through innovative technologies and continuous product improvement, RigExpert is gaining more and more supporters among users.

Partners and Clients – The Foundation of Success

RigExpert understands that its partners and clients are the foundation of its success. The company strives to provide the best service, support, and products that meet high-quality standards. Appreciation for the support and trust of its partners is an integral part of RigExpert’s corporate culture.

The company is also actively working on expanding its customer base by offering innovative solutions that meet the needs of the new era and markets.

Together, we can reach new heights!

Happy 21st anniversary to Rig Expert Ukraine!