Software-Defined Radio (SDR)

Reveal the Spectrum!

Discover the transformative world of Software-Defined Radio! SDR is radically changing how we engage with radio waves. It’s one flexible solution suited to enthusiasts and experts alike, adapting effortlessly to your requirements.

Don’t be confined by conventional radios with their fixed frequencies or protocols. Monitor aircraft using ADS-B, and delve into cosmic conversations via satellite, encased in a single piece of technology!

SDR unit is truly a master key opening doors to wireless adventures. Relish in unscrambling digital transmissions, crafting your network, or revealing esoteric signals.

Step into SDR’s potent force and become part of a community striving to extend the bounds of technological possibilities.

Software-Defined Radio (SDR)

Fobos SDR

0.1 to 6000 MHz, 50 MHz BW, 14-bit receiver
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Wideband coverage from 100 kHz to 6 GHz for versatile application
Dual frequency conversion heterodyne and direct sampling channels for enhanced flexibility
High-quality 14-bit ADC and up to 50 MHz IQ sample rate for precise signal capture
USB 3.0 interface for high-speed data streaming and connectivity
EMI shielding for durability

Operation modes

double conversion heterodyne, two-channel direct sampling

Frequency range

100 kHz – 25 MHz (direct sampling), 25 MHz – 6 GHz(double conversion heterodyne)

IQ sample rate (bandwidth)

4 - 50 MHz

ADC resolution

14 bits

Frequency stability

±0.5 ppm

Blocking Dynamic Range

82 dB UHF/VHF, 86 dB in HF


-110 dBm combined selectivity

IQ Image rejection

52 dB (software)

Maximum RF input

+10 dBm

Power source

USB Plug, 3.8 - 5.5 V nominal

Current consumption

450 mA in idle state, 670 mA in direct sampling mode, 850 mA in full-band operating mode

Clock source

external, selectable within API, internal

External clock input

10 MHz, high impedance

Clock output

10 MHz, 5Ohm, 3.0 V p2p, permanent

Operating temperature


PCB type

6-layer impedance controlled, ENIG finished

PCB dimensions

110 mm x 60 mm

Outline dimensions

130 mm x 60 mm x 16 mm


48 g

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