Power 500

Compact Desktop 36A|13.8V Power Supply

Power 500

Compact Desktop 36A|13.8V Power Supply

Power 500

Compact Desktop 36A|13.8V Power Supply

Ensures consistent and reliable power supply to your devices and maximizes the life of overload-sensitive devices.
Protects your appliances from overcurrent, overvoltage, and overheating.
Minimizes electromagnetic interference and acoustic noise.

Ensures ergonomics of your workspace due to vertical or horizontal arrangement.
Provides power
for demanding tasks and power-intensive setups.
Offers a variety of ports for connecting various gear.
Charges devices, connects peripherals, or powers USB-compatible gadgets.

Monitors voltage, current, and power consumption in real-time.
Lets you
log and analyze consumption data.
Runs flawlessly in DXpeditions thanks to its tolerance to gasoline generators and wide operating temperature range.




Our support is accessible and responsive to Your needs. This ensures that You can seek assistance whenever You require it, regardless of Your location.

The primary goal of support is to resolve issues. Whether it’s technical problems, account-related issues, or general questions, the support team will work diligently to provide solutions and ensure Your satisfaction.

Orange Zone

Get up to $100 off

Orange Zone

Get up to $100 off

Orange Zone

Get up to $100 off

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antenna analyzers at an unprecedented price!

Easily optimize your radio system for outstanding contest victories with RigExpert antenna analyzers:

  • – Operate in the range of 0.06 to 230 MHzCheck and adjust antennas quickly
  • – Measure accurately all the key parameters of antennas and other RF devices
  • – *Find cable faults and set up stubs in a snap
  • – Enjoy the large, high-contrast TFT display with the ZOOM function
  • – Trust the factory calibration
  • – Navigate the multilingual, well-read, and intuitive interface
  • – Get help at the push of a button
  • – Challenge the durability of the splash- and dust-proof case
  • – Stay charged with 24/7/365 customer support
  • – Use a unique two-year unit replacement warranty by RigExpertCare

*Specifications may vary by analyzer model.

Company news


Shackmaster Power 500: With Passion for Radio

You love your Shack and know that it needs a powerful and reliable power source.
That’s why we created the Shackmaster Power 500 power supply, the heart of your shack.



Tokenblauser GPSDO: aсhieve perfect frequency coherence in every connection

What unites participants of DXpeditions and UHF/Microwaves Contests? Both aim for maximum QSOs, a common goal for all contesters. The common challenge they face is poor long-distance communication and when the sound source is in motion.
What to do? Stabilize.


Our Advantages

Quality and durability are in the DNA of RigExpert products.

Reliability and durability

We control each stage of performance from the creation of the project to the receipt of the end product at the dealer's warehouse.
Each device goes through four stages of testing before sending to the user:

  • electronic post-production
  • after assembly
  • before shipping to the warehouse
  • before sending it to the dealer

We are so confident in the quality of our products that we just replace the device with a new one - unique to the industry 2-year RigExpertCare™ warranty program.

Perfect Customer Support 24/7

We measure our success by the positive feedback we receive. Prompt and professional, empathetic and patient, with a positive attitude - this is how users describe our Customer Support.

  • Available 24/7/365 to support you
  • Directly from the developer/manufacturer - we know everything about our devices
  • We take care of your problem and give back your spare time
  • Attentive and friendly service. Proven by user reviews

Customer Support works to make you enjoy your free time.

Simplicity and Functionality

All analyzers measure.
RigExpert analyzers solve specific user tasks.

  • An intuitive user interface
  • Ready to work “from the box” because factory calibrated
  • A built-in helper for each instrument at the push of a button
  • Various measurement modes are adapted to each specific case of using the device

Every RegExpert product creates with genuine passion of radioamateurs and and extensive experience top R&D experts.

Ready for adventure

Sometimes it is necessary to tune RF systems outdoors in different environments. RegExpert VNA is ready for challenges

  • Dust- and humidity-protected enclosure
  • High contrast big display
  • Operation temperature from -20° to 55°C

Count on the RigExpert VNA when should working in the field


RigExpert develops and supports a wide range of devices for professional and amateur radio, M2M and IoT industries, DIY enthusiasts.
Choose your RegExpert product.



Multi-OS Companion Software for all of our products

  • MixW: 3-in-1 utility software (Logger, Digital, Contests) for hams to use in both daily QOs and contests
  • AntScope: antenna tuning and RF analysis software
  • Reamp: software for comprehensive analysis of the power profile of LPD and IoT devices

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