Fobos SDR

Fobos SDR

The Fobos SDR is a high-performance Software-Defined Radio (SDR) receiver with a USB 3.0 interface. This device offers a continuous operating frequency range from 100 kHz to 6 GHz and up to 50 MHz bandwidth with 14-bit signal sampling resolution, ensuring full data integrity. With two auxiliary input channels, HF1 and HF2, for coherent direct sampling and a primary RF reception channel, Fobos SDR provides flexibility and precision in signal reception. Support for an external clock input, straightforward driver installation, and wide compatibility with popular software such as SDRSharp, HDSDR, and GNURadio make Fobos SDR an ideal solution for hobbyists, researchers, and professionals in the field of radio communication seeking to leverage the capabilities of SDR technology fully.

Fobos SDR

Fobos SDR
Operation modes
  • double conversion heterodyne
  • two-channel direct sampling
Frequency range
  • 100 kHz – 25 MHz (direct sampling)
  • 25 MHz – 6 GHz(double conversion heterodyne)
IQ sample rate (bandwidth)
  • 4 - 50 MHz
ADC resolution
  • 14 bits
Frequency stability
  • ±0.5 ppm
Blocking Dynamic Range
  • 82 dB UHF/VHF
  • 86 dB in HF
  • -110 dBm combined selectivity
IQ Image rejection
  • 52 dB (software)
Maximum RF input
  • +10 dBm
Power source
  • USB Plug, 3.8 - 5.5 V nominal
Current consumption
  • 450 mA in idle state
  • 670 mA in direct sampling mode
  • 850 mA in full-band operating mode
Clock source
  • external, selectable within API
  • internal
External clock input
  • 10 MHz, high impedance
Clock output
  • 10 MHz, 5Ohm, 3.0 V p2p, permanent
Operating temperature
  • 0..+60°C
PCB type
  • 6-layer impedance controlled, ENIG finished
PCB dimensions
  • 110 mm x 60 mm
Outline dimensions
  • 130 mm x 60 mm x 16 mm
  • 48 g
Fobos SDR: Reveal the Spectrum!

Broad Frequency Range: 100 kHz to 6 GHz, versatile for various applications

High-Quality Signal Conversion: Dual conversion, two HF channels, 14-bit ADC, 50 MHz IQ rate

Continuous Data Stream: Uninterrupted recording and real-time analysis

High-Speed USB 3.0: Quick data transfer, easy device connectivity

Compact and Durable: Mobile-friendly, EMI-shielded

Flexible Connectivity: Clock input/output for system integration

Powerful Software Support: Lightweight API for Windows/Linux, SDRSharp and HDSDR ExtIO plugins, μSDR native support, GNURadio source

Ease of coding: Application examples and source code are available, programming guides and manuals for quick start



Inviting to develop SDR together!

Now you can easily integrate Fobos SDR receiver into your projects, gaining access to a wide spectrum of signals for processing and experiments.



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