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Shackmaster Power 600 sets a new high-quality standard

Power Supply

Shackmaster Power 600

Compact Desktop 40A|13.8V Power Supply

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Unleash the real power with our latest innovation! The Power 600 delivers a robust 600W and a 40A current rating, ensuring your devices run seamlessly. With an Automatic Cooling System, Quick Charge USB ports, and Adjustable Output Voltage, it’s designed for both efficiency and longevity. Packed with advanced safety features, this power supply combines functionality with sleek design.

Input voltage range

80V to 264V

Input frequency range

47 Hz to 63 Hz

Acoustic noise

~21 dB

Overvoltage protection


Overcurrent protection


Short circuit protection


EMI noise


Storage temperature range

-40°C to +85°C, -40°F to +185°F

Energy Conversion Efficiency (ECE)

> 90% (Heat dissipation at maximum load < 60 W)

Ports on the front panel

2 x 3A USB A Charging Ports, 2 x 3A USB Type-C Charging Ports, 2 x 45A Anderson Power Poles

Ports on the rear panel

1 x 30A Binding Post, 1 x 45A Anderson Power Pole, 1 x USB Type-C for PC Communication


172 mm x 55 mm x 185 mm


1,1 kg

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