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My Antenna Analyzer passed the first two tests, but on the third test, I got an error with code 232.

Most likely, your load is not good to be the OK load for the test. Please attach the USB cord to the PC and sweep all ranges in the SWR chart with the connected load. Your Antenna Analyzer is fine if you got a straight line with SWR 1.01-1.02.

I attached the TI-5000 to the PC the first time but got a DOS window with the error.

It would be best if you disabled drivers sign on Win10. There are steps to perform. Please make it and keep in touch 1st - download drivers and Rigexpert Ti-5000 port monitor from the link: 2nd - disable the driver's sign like in this article. You better try the second way. But please print this article before or open it on a tablet or phone. 3rd - please install drivers and port monitor. Pay no regard to AUDIO: Error 13

My WIN computer asks for a PIN to connect to the Stick 230. Can you tell me the PIN?

We have no pin because If you connect it via Bluetooth to the PC, it will not work in case of incompatibility with some BT protocols. Please attach your Antenna Analyzer to your PC only via a USB cord because Bluetooth is for Android and iOS devices.

Please advise my options for replacing the Battery in my AA-230, AA-230PRO, and AA-520.

Unfortunately, we no longer have new batteries for these analyzers. But clients can buy a new battery here: and replace the old battery with a new one yourself. This is not at all difficult to do. The battery compartment is not sealed. It consists of two parts, which are held together by four plastic clips. Separating the pieces is easy enough using a thin flat screwdriver.

How could I see the measurements from the Antenna Analyzer on my PC?

Please download our Antscope application for Windows or Linux, install land, run it, attach the USB cord to your laptop, and plug in your VNA.

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Trade-In RigExpert Program — the best way to turn your old analyzer into the new one!

It doesn’t matter whether your old RigExpert device is working or not. It can even be broken. You will get your new tool with the best price offer.

If you are the owner of an AA-170, AA-200, AA-230, AA-230 PRO, AA-500, or AA-520 antenna analyzer you can upgrade it to a brand new model:

*For the European market only

Just choose one of the VHF or UHF RigExpert antenna analyzers and contact our Support team.

Mention in the email your device name, the serial number, the country, and the city of your residence and we will connect you to the closest Trade-in partner. Our support team will then send you detailed instructions.

You can exchange your old device for a brand-new one for a reasonable fixed surcharge despite its condition. See the table below:

Upgrade to Surcharge
AA-230 ZOOM $ 250
Stick 230 * $ 170
Stick Pro $ 250
AA-650 ZOOM $ 400
AA-1500 ZOOM $ 550

*For the European market only

Only a few demands your old analyzers should fit:
The unit must be as a whole system (not only one or a few parts. You can’t send us a few parts of a few items and get the new one with the best price). Manual, box, adapters, or anything else would be a plus, and you will get the best
trade-in value for such a unit.

After replacement, your old device will be recycled. Together we will help our planet!

    Interesting? Please contact us, using the form below

    Should you have any other questions, please contact us using the form.

    Give us some details and we will offer you the best solution.

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