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Antenna Analyzers

AA-30.ZERO (0.06 to 30 MHz)
AA-30 (0.1 to 30 MHz)
AA-35 ZOOM (0.1 to 35 MHz)
AA-54 (0.1 to 54 MHz)
AA-55 ZOOM 0.1 to 55 MHz)
AA-170 (0.1 to 170 MHz)
AA-230 ZOOM (0.1 to 230 MHz)
AA-600 (0.1 to 600 MHz)
AA-1000 (0.1 to 1000 MHz)
AA-1400 (0.1 to 1400 MHz)



ARDF receivers

FoxRex 3500 (3,490-3,660 MHz)

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