REAMP power measurement tool

Very accurate and stable power source for projects requiring ultra-low power consumption analysis

REAMP Power Logger

  • Tests the power consumption modes of various devices
  • A power supply with a wide selectable range
  • Reports instantaneous current consumption values and writes them to a log file at high speed indefinitely or in a specified time mode
  • Pinpoints highs and lows accurately and averages results over a specified interval or in real-time
  • Accurately calculates the duration of the connected device with an independent power supply
  • Measures its own output voltage with high accuracy
  • Makes all listed measurements in the easiest and fastest way
REAMP power measurement tool

REAMP Power Measurement Tool and logger

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When you want to achieve the longest battery life possible, you need an accurate and reliable power measurement tool.
So REAMP is the best choice for your Ultra-Low Power projects.
REAMP acts as a very stable and accurate power source for Device Under the Test (DUT).
This allows to see even subtle changes in the power consumption profile of the DUT.

Number of measuring channels


Measuring range

Current – 10μA to 1А (1 channel), Voltage – 0V to 5V (2 channels)

Sample rate

10 hZ…10 kHz (10 kHz one channel only)

Measuring results displaying

Average values in digital format, Easy navigation using horizontal and vertical zooming, Instant values graph, Saving data to a log

Power supply

Additional built-in Li-ion battery to be used when current consumption is over 500 mA, PC USB port


3 languages support (EN, UA, RU), Application software “REAMP Logger”, Operation system Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, USB connection to a PC (USB 2.0, USB 3.0)


67 mm x 57 mm x 27 mm

Operating temperature

0…40 °C (32…104 °F)


100 g


1 year




Specifications are subject to change without notice, Мade in Ukraine

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