RigExpert Amplifiers - small and powerful Trust the declared

Tiny yet powerful – we guarantee that each specified parameter value of these amplifiers corresponds to reality. So, confidently rely on their potential when it comes to UAV systems, SDR, HAM radio, IoT, testing and measurement, etc.



Bi-directional Power Amplifier

190.00 USD
Powerful dual-band 2.4G amplifier for low voltage.
Provides 10dB gain in RX mode and 22dB in TX mode.
Up to +36dBm output power in Pulse mode.
Perfect for UAVs, ham radio, IoT, and measurements.
Guaranteed conformance to stated specs.
Discover the capabilities of this compact yet powerful amplifier!

Bi-directional Power Amplifier

290.00 USD
Boost your ISM band signal with this compact 5V bi-directional power amplifier.
Provides 20dB Rx gain and 15dB Tx gain at 915MHz.
Perfect for UAVs, SDR, ham radio, IoT and more.
Guaranteed +35dBm (3.5W) output power in a tiny package. Amplify your 915MHz projects today!