Inviting to develop SDR together!


Welcome all Linux enthusiasts and GnuRadio fans!

Now you can easily integrate Fobos SDR receiver into your projects, gaining access to a wide spectrum of signals for processing and experiments.

We have put full access to the source code on GitHub! The GnuRadio block and an example Fobos SDR API library test program are available for download. Modify, enhance, delve into the depths of radio frequencies, and extract signals that tell thousands of stories!

Whether you are an experienced radio amateur or just a beginner, these resources are a goldmine to learn more about radio technology and digital signal processing. 

By releasing Fobos SDR on GitHub, we invite you to join a community of like-minded individuals. Share your projects, ask questions, offer advice, and let’s develop innovations together.

We invite you to unlimited creativity. Expand the boundaries of consumption and become a full participant in the process! Your ideas, improvements, and use cases can help shape the future of Software-Defined Radio.

If you track satellites, bounce signals off the moon, or enjoy the expansive landscape of HF, VHF, or UHF, Fobos SDR offers precision, flexibility, and unparalleled access to radio waves.

So to all our amateur colleagues, let’s dive into this new era of radio exploration together. Check out Fobos SDR on GitHub and let’s see what incredible things we can discover together.


Fobos SDR receiver Complex IQ signal source block for GnuRadio. Full source code:

Fobos SDR API library example test application. Full source code:

Fobos SDR page:


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