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GPS-disciplined Oscillator Tokenblauser GPSDO: Achieve perfect frequency coherence in every connection!
  • Four PLL synthesized outputs
  • Compatible with Arduino, open firmware
  • Frequency adjustment from the front LCD panel or via USB connection to the PC
  • Four memory profiles
  • External OCXO, GNSS receiver connections
  • No programming skills required


USB Interface Transceiver TI-5000: All-in-one through a single USB port!
  • Operates in phone, CW, and digital modes via PC. Perfect for FT8 and WSJT!
  • CAT interface for various transceiver models
  • Plug-and-Play configuration
  • Wide compatibility with Ham Radio software


Antenna Analyzer ZERO II: Powerful VNA for embedded installations
  • Frequency range up to 1 GHz – instantly returns R, X, SWR, and return loss values;
  • Factory calibration
  • USB, UART, I2C, and SPI interfaces
  • For your antenna tuners, transceivers, or power amplifiers as the core of the load-matching circuit.


Ultra-Low Power Consumption Meter and Logger REAMP: Comprehensive analysis of ultra-low power consumption
  • Wide range and high accuracy current measurement from 10 μA to 1 A
  • Two channels for voltage measurement
  • Timed and infinite measurement modes
  • Battery autonomy calculator
  • Power source for tested devices (DUT)
  • Basic, comparative, and averaged data analysis

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