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Well-tuned antenna is one of the fundamental parts of preparation for Contest

Well-tuned antenna is one of the fundamental parts of preparation for Contest, as well as any DX or simple QSO.
When it comes to checking an antenna and adjusting its parameters, it is highly recommended that you use an accurate antenna analyzer.
I have been using my own RigExpert analyzer for many years and I can state with confidence: this is an integral part of gear for expeditions and Contests. The prestigious awards I have received confirm this.

Thus, dear RigExpert followers, see what happens.
The Rig Expert Ukraine company has initiated an unprecedented sale.
The RigExpert AA-600, AA-1000 and AA-1400, the most powerful antenna analyzers for HAMs, are more affordable than ever before.
I invite you to get one right now.

By purchasing the RigExpert AA-600, AA-1000 or AA-1400 antenna analyzers from your favorite Dealer you сould save up to $100.
You just need to choose:
Saving $40 by buying RigExpert AA-600
Saving $60 by buying RigExpert AA-1000
Saving $100 by buying RigExpert AA-1400

If you do not have a Dealer yet, follow this link to choose.

Yours faithfully,
Alex Yakovlev /UT5UY/
Head of Sales & Logistics, Rig Expert Ukraine Ltd.,

Award winning UT5UY

the holder of prestigious awards: DXCC Honor Roll #1 and CQ WAZ 160 Award of Excellence.
Member and Team Leader of famous DXpeditions: EM5UIA (IOTA EU-180), C91UY, 3DA0UY, C91CW, C93DY (IOTA new one AF-098), E21EIC/P (IOTA AS-126), 3D2TZ (IOTA OC-016),  3D2UY (IOTA OC-016), 3D2RI (IOTA OC-189), HC8/UT5UY (IOTA SA-004), 5W0OX (IOTA OC-097), ZK3X (IOTA OC-048), TX3T (Tahiti, IOTA OC-046), TX5A (Marquesas Isl., IOTA OC-027, CQ WW SSB 2011), TX7M (Marquesas Isl., IOTA OC-027), 8Q7UY (IOTA AS-013), V5/UT5UY, 5H1XX (IOTA AF-032), 4S7AYG (IOTA AS-003), 5W0NA (IOTA OC-097), ZK3A (IOTA OC-048).