RigExpert TI-8 – Front and rear panels


Front panel:
1.    ON.  Lights when the RigExpert TI-8 device is plugged in and the drivers are installed.
2.    CW. Shows transmissions in CW mode.
3.    PTT. Indicates when the transceiver transmits.
4.    CAT. Monitors CAT data exchange between transceiver and computer.
5.    FSK. Lights when RigExpert TI-8 is sending FSK data.
6.    Main. Input level, main receiver audio.
7.    Sub.  Input level, sub-receiver audio.
8.    TX. Output level, audio to the transceiver.

Rear panel:
9.     TRANSCEIVER. 25-pin transceiver connector.
10.     USB. Connect to the computer USB port.