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Known bugs – MixW4

ID #StatusCategoryDetails
172newGeneralWaterval - CAT - KiwiSDR
MixW4 is not usable on a Laptop (notebook) if you want to use the water fall and the KiwiSDR. Both take up a lot of space. Because now there is no more room for the Macrobar and the log The reason: Both waterfalls are not adjustable in width...
171newGeneralImport adi and tab-delimited files from other Logbook programma's
MixW4 Import from a DX4WIN gives problem. I gived Enrique the solution to solve this problem see below I found a problem with the DX4WIn adi file the use for the date and I have changed it in and now he had in the MixW4...
170newGeneralImport ADIF files from other logbooks
MixW4 Import from a DX4WIN gives problem. I gived Enrique the solution to solve this problem see below I found a problem with the DX4WIn adi file the use for the date and I have changed it in and now he had in the...
169newGeneralWhen executing an imported MixW3 contest in MixW4 an Invalid Date Time message occurs.
Import MixW3 contests, copy the required stats dll files in to the Program Files Contest directory. Start the contest and the message box appears. I can see nothing wrong with the date/time format comparing it to other contests that run without...
168newGeneralEnglish language corrections required.
I have attached two pictures of minor corrections to improve MixW4 instructions. In the DXCluster Global settings the word spoting should be spelt spotting. In ADIF log export the sentence - Are You agree? - could be better written as - Do you...
167newGeneralNo possibility to edit mistakes directly in ShortLog
Proposed solution: - mouse click -> in place edit window appears, with current field value - lost focus - with esc : no change? old value remains same. - any other case: value is verified (to prevent text in frequency field etc) and...
166newGeneralBPSK mode fixed frequency settings inconsistent.
If I set the Fixed frequency from the Mode settings the frequency becomes fixed but the status bar does not turn red. If I set a fixed frequency from the status bar the frequency is fixed, the status bar turns red and the Mode settings indicator is...
165newGeneralRx Status bar inconsistent information display.
The BPSK bar shows all the main controls and values from the Mode settings. Contesti, MFSK, Olivia, RTTY, and RTTYM only show some of the controls and values. All the modes should display similar information to BPSK.
164newGeneralReceive window mode information inconsistent.
Attached is a file of 4 different modes and the information in them. BPSK shows the Baud rate. Contesti, CW, MFSK and Olivia shows nothing. RTTY shows the Shift and Baud rate. RTTYM shows a value that for me has no meaning. Could Contesti, Olivia...
163newGeneralSquelch control in different places for different modes in the Mode Settings.
The Mode Settings for Contesti, Olivia and RTTYM have the Squelch control immediately above the Threshold control. For BPSK31 and RTTY the Squelch control has another control between it and the Threshold. MFSK has the Squelch control on the other...
153assignedGeneralCursor shift when moving from DX Cluster
From RX take the 'sound' and make a shift by the amount of 'sound' or 1KHz
162newGeneralSome flags for countries are incorrect.
I notice the flag for Northern Ireland is not the same as for MixW3. As you have different flags for England, Scotland and Wales the Northern Ireland flag should be correct. I notice a number of other countries have been changed as well but I am not...
148newGeneralFilter name on Log - 'Country'
Rename name 'Country' to 'Prefix' or 'DX' or else
161newGeneralWhilst trying to set PTT port settings MixW hangs.
With the CAT list window showing and Settings selected the settings display suddenly disappears and I can do nothing with MixW4 only happened since Jan 14 2019. Restarted 1 time after checking Eventlog. No errors in the Eventlog. Finally whilst...
131assignedGeneralScrolling on Log
When you add QSO and close Log, when you re-open Log, the focus moves to the starting list QSO
132assignedGeneralDon`t write Dupe QSO in Cabrillo and ADIF
Don`t write Dupe QSO in Cabrillo
160newGeneralRemove sliders Brightness and Contrast
Remove sliders Brightness and Contrast and replace them with see Image. This function like in the image is easy and fast to handle
159assignedGeneral.dll Contest
To remove .dll file from folder Contests
158newGeneralThe Calendar - list Contests
* just an idea
157newGeneralnot reason stop transmission CW
transmission two letter and stopping CW. Re-open MixW4 and this problem is solved.
156newGeneralMacros name when load macros
When the nacros is loaded, the name does not rename but updates the code. When re-open MixW4 renaming Macros name
155newGeneralAdd on Contest button ADIF
Add on Contest button ADIF
154newGeneralIntelligent cursor transition in input field - Call
Problem with two screens
152newGeneralDrawing Calls from the Partial Check
When entering W3L it should be possible to select the Call from Partial Check to Waterfall
- Frq rounding - Does not draw the Dupe QSO and Calls from the input field
150assignedGeneralBandMap v2.0
- Scroll on 160m, 30m, 17m, 12m, 70 sm - Saving change Band - Scaling when press Ctrl + scroll wheel - Filters
- color repainting when you add a new QSO - Frq rounding - 1811.560 to 1811.4 ? - Scale and Zoom. Decimal scale.
147newGeneralDrawing your call on BandMap and Waterfall
'UX1UA' is in DX Cluster but does not on BandMap and Waterfall Frequency rounding - 1823.99 to 182 ?
146assignedGeneralStew Perry v2.0
- Add row 'Count Grids' and 'Score' to TableView - Add 'Working time' zone to GridView - Add input field to calculate points - rename row 'Donor' - trigger notification when new Grid
145newGeneralThe spectrum sound band is twice less than expected
If SPS is set to 8000, 4000 KHz bandwidth is expected, but I see only 2000...
144newGeneralCabrillo windows rename some text
Rename Sertificate in Certificate rename Generation in Save
137assignedGeneralCommand clear RX Window
Dont work command clear RX in Macros
95assignedGeneralAdd functionality "Export to Club Log"
In form "Show QSO log" add functionality "Export to Club Log". Make ADIF file and sent to Club Log service, see link for details
92assignedGeneralHotkeys - Global key - UX1UA
Key moving the cursor and focus in the field 'Callsing' - Contest Mode
142newGeneralResizing columns on TableView
Set the minimum size. When the minimum size is reached, hide this column. Column 'Call' shoud always be visible.
141newGeneralStrange behavior Partial Check
Random red selection Call
140newGeneralReturn to Contest regim
When re-open MixW4 in Contest regim, return to Contest.
136assignedGeneralSeparation BandMap
Separation BandMap from window 'DX Cluster'
135newGeneralDesign Short Log
- scrolling pages in Short Log - separation from window 'QSO Statistics'
134assignedGeneralDesign BandMap
- When width of the window is sufficient for two columns write the Call in the columns. - Frequency marking - Rotation BandMap - Chanfe of zoom when pressed Ctrl + Scroll
133newGeneralLink on contest rules
Link on contest rules for Contests Window
130assignedGeneralAuto complete Cabrillo
Getting data from MixW4 to fill of fields in Cabrillo
129assignedGeneralFolder to save Cabrillo
When you savу Cabrillo, open the window (conductor).
128newGeneralFT8 version 2
Add mode to MixW4.
127newGeneralMixW4 V1055. A small icon on the right of the DX Cluster toolbar.
This small Icon causes the DX Cluster settings to be displayed. This duplicates the gear wheel icon action. There is no tool tip associated with this icon. I have attached an image of the icon.
126newGeneralAdd QSO Fields not automatic fill in and no ITU CQ or Country
By Add QSO I see that no field like name, QTH etc... will fill in automatic ITU and CQ are wrong etc... And the Callsign I have used as test is mine and I'm in and my password is correct in the Callbook settings
125newGeneralEdit QSO
Rename Chenge in Change
124newGeneralAFC, SQ and Snap buttons
Those buttons pressed but I don't see any change if they enabled or disabled. Please let work this buttons
123newGeneralRTTY Inverse button
Why not an Inverse button in MixW4 like in MixW3 Some OM's send RTTY in LSB inplace of USB
122newGeneralWaterfall MixW4 vs Waterfall MixW3 and decoding
Please give us the Waterfall like in MixW3 see the Picture The watervall quality of MixW4 is of very low quality. This one of MixW3 is SUPERIOR against it In MixW4 I can't see the TA3AHJ signal but in MixW3 I see a good trace from TA3AHJ at 1100...
121newGeneralMixW4 V1055. Band map not working.
MixW3 bands.ini controls modes and frequency but Band map seems to have no effect on MixW4.
39newGeneralTransmit Macros
When I transmit a Macro I can't change nothing on the "not transmitted" info nor on the "already transmitted" info like we can do in MixW3.2 some text I will corrected or deleted or .... but there is no possibility to do it. Sometimes I will...
119newGeneralMixW4 does not display band edge markers.
MixW3 displays band edge markers. MixW4 does not.
118newGeneralMixW4 V1055. Modes FT8 and JT65 both crash if a frequency change macro is executed.
Select mode FT8 or JT65 and execute a frequency change macro. MixW crashes after about 3 seconds.
117newGeneralMode settings not saved
The mode settings will not saved
116newGeneralEsc button bring MixW4 back on screen
Open MixW4-1.0.7-rc1055 press the minus button (Up right corner) and take anothe screen work with this and press the Esc button on the keyboard and MixW4 is comming up see movie This problem wasn't before the MixW4-1.0.7-rc1027 version Also the...
115newGeneralMixW4 1055. Load bookmark. Bookmark disappears if trequency changed.
A bookmark is generated from information supplied by the DX Cluster. Altering the frequency of the waterfall keeps the bookmark on frequency. If I save this bookmark. Clear all bookmarks and then reload this bookmark it is displayed at the...
15resolvedGeneralCrash 1.0.7 revision 858
Being in digital mode SSB/AM/FM and launching the contest module MixW4 chash. Being in the contest module and when going to SSB/AM/FM mode MixW4 crash.
20newGeneralClearing input fields in mode Contest
When you press the key to clear input fields ( callsing, rst, exch) and go over the first input fields( callsign ).
21newGeneralFiltering short log by Callsign
When you write the Call, the records are filtered for short log
91newGeneralTX Window - Hang (computing)
Hang in transmission
22newGeneralUpdate functions Earth Map
Add function: -add records of DX Cluster on Earth Map -add filters to records -add dialogs with filters
23acknowledgedGeneralSettings windows for DX Cluster and spots
Sources for Cluster: Telnet or Web or Contest Telnet. Source setup. Implementation spot.
3resolvedGeneralLost start symbols at
Macros contains CQ DE MixW4 transmits Q DE UX1UA
88resolvedGeneralHotkeys - UX1UA
Esc - Clear TX Windows and go to entry field '+', '-', '*' - destination keys
89newGeneralSettings spots - UX1UA
Setup window on spot - field info Hotkey - window call 'Spot'.
90newGeneralSpeed CW (Settings CW) - UX1UA
Input field and demonstration CW according to the selected settings
93newGeneralContest mode - pre and post modes - UX1UA
pre and post modes
114newGeneralWaterfall layout
After reorganize MixW4 and make a shorter Waterfall I save it and after close MixW4 and re-open I see that I have again a big waterfall. Also MixW won't open with my last saved layout.
113newGeneralNo Soundcard selected
When MixW4 is in the FT8 modus then most of the time I read NO Soundcard selected Set the PSK modus after a restart all is OK with the soundcard see Movie
Why MixW4-1.0.7rc1055 doesn't close all his applications or files after I have close MixW, then in the rc1055 I have only one QSO in the Log and after close this rc990 and open the rc990 and go see the log I see the same QSO as in the rc1055 see...
111newGeneralDXCluster One or twice click
One click on a Call in the DX Cluster and in the log the call come up and disappear after But twice click on a call in the DX Cluster the Call will stay in the logbook see movie
110newGeneralMixW4 1055. Multiple issues when Using the ADIF import Replace functionality.
Attached are two small adif files that can be used to create the problems. When using Log Tools, Import log from ADIF, Replace control checked the following problems are noted: The Report indicates 2 QSOs inserted and 2 QSOs replaced. There are...
109newGeneralMixW4 1055. Use of Settings - Update cty.dat does not change the data.
The Update cty.dat feature from the Settings menu appears to read the data but no change is available after completion. By removing all cty.dat files from the Data folder Update cty.dat correctly reports it is unable to find the cty.dat file.
108newGeneralMixW4 1055. Unable to change the text colour in the transmit window.
The background colour can be changed for the receive and transmit windows but the text colour remains black whatever Rx or Tx colour I set.
107newGeneralMixW4 1055. Unable to add macro names using supplied macro edit facilities.
MixW3 has a facility to call one macro from another by specifying a name. This facility is available in MixW4 but the name cannot easily be added to the macro. If macros are imported from MixW2/3 the names are copied into the name field and the...
106newGeneralMixW4, Config Dialog - About screen difficult to read.
Config Dialog About screen has Home Page, MixW Forum and Help information as very dark blue. This is difficult to read. Could the colour be changed for a better contrast with the background?
105newGeneralMacros.json: some macro's disappear when importing a different Mode Macro from MixW3
Productversion 1.0.7-1055 Macros.json is used for all Modes but for some other modes I have in the Modes_Hell.json as example another INFO and RIG macro So I import the Hell macro from MixW3 into MixW4 via the load macros from MixW4 for the Hell...
Productversion 1.0.7 rc1055 A minor error in correcting with Notepad ++ or Notepad from a macro leads to a crash and / or not installing or load macros through the Config Dialog. If possible, MixW lets you fix this small error or display a...
103newGeneralMixW4 1055. Adif does not generate an field.
There is no field in a MixW4 generated ADIF file. There are 2 fields generated. This leads to an incorrect eQSL received date in the log.
102newGeneralMixW3 has macros for BPSK31/63/125 and QPSK31/63/125.
Each of the PSK modes causes MixW3 to create a set of macros for that mode. A number of users rely on these sub-mode dependent macros. I have documented a method of using one macro key to switch between psk modes. I also have different filter...
101newGeneralMixW4 1027. Macros.json being written to when no user changes made.
Issue 97 reported macro file changes when user data has not been input. I have noticed this also.
100newGeneralSupport ADIF 3.0.9
Delete issue 0000099 like Alen have ask in Telegram Desktop In the subModes.json don't forget to add JS8 into the MFSK mode see ADIF Version 3.0.9, updated 2018/11/29
94resolvedGeneralMixW4 993. Exit from contest mode. Macro file is still contest macros.
Enter contest mode specify a macro file. When contest mode is exited the contest macro file is used to save any non-contest macro changes.
Macros in version 1.0.7 rc 1027 About the Macros, I have found the following: 1. The main macro, so the Macros.json is regularly changed and adapted for some reason or other without doing anything about it. 2. The Mode macros, so Mode_...
96newGeneralDownload cty.dat from ClubLog
Downloading The Prefixes And Exceptions As XML
74confirmedGeneralImport QSOs from MixW2/3. Dxpfx field ignored.
The csv log for MixW2/3 has an entry in field 9 DxPfx (do not confuse this with the dxpfx field in the MixW4 log). The DxPfx field can contain a corrected country prefix. On MixW3 this field, if used, overrides the cty.dat/pfx.dat/calls.dat country...
60confirmedGeneralUse of cty.dat and pfx.dat unreliable.
If the call AH0U is imported the country, USA, is correctly input but the CQ/ITU zones are shown as 4 and 7 but the cty.dat record shows they should be 3 and 6. The call K7PAX is located in the state of Washington. This is correctly shown as...
65acknowledgedGeneralRigExpert TI8 on MixW4 causing repeated hang ups.
RigExpert TI8 being used to control FTdx30000. On MixW3.2.105 OK. On MixW4 works a few minutes but only when COM ports are defined as COM5 for CAT and COM3 for PTT port. I am trying to get MixW4 to set the FTdx3000 to transmit but am unable to do...
76feedbackGeneralSave/Restore layout unreliable.
Restoring a saved layout does not always give the correct screen layout.
81resolvedGeneralMultiple RX windows change mode at the same time.
If there are two RX windows open using the macro causes both RX windows to change mode.
77resolvedGeneralUnable to change QSO country.
Issue 74 reports a problem where the import of MixW2/3 logs can leave aQSO with the wrong country. I cannot find an easy method of changing the country. MixW2/3 has an edit facility to do this.
80assignedGeneralText settings do not work.
Only Background colour works reliably.
59resolvedGeneralMixW4 log search on country unreliable.
Using the file imported during the MixW2/3 log import test if I set the Filters to search for the USA I only find one call AH0U. It should be 3. A field in the ADIF output called DXPFX has assigned AH0U with a value of 211 but the other two calls...
69resolvedGeneralUpdate log entry with LoTW data. Dates incorrect.
Using the Replace existing control in the Import adif file to update LoTW sent/received information the receive dates are changed to the current date.
57resolvedGeneralMixW4 log uses both PSK and BPSK modes. Only use PSK.
Importing MixW2/3 log or QSO input mode is BPSK31/63/125. Input log from adif file mode is PSK31/63/125. These modes are treated separately by the log. If an attempt is made to update a log record with mode BPSK by an adif file record with mode PSK...
64assignedGeneralPTT Com port does not save DTR settings correctly.
The PTT com port DTR only saves settings CW or PTT.
56confirmedGeneralMixW4 V7.1.0.7 crashes after first start from installation.
Install MixW4 V1.0.7-rc861 on Windows 7 or 10. Enter personal details then save. Immediate crash. Evidence has been sent to mixwteam via email. This problem has been present since MixW4.1.0.6.
68resolvedGeneralADIF file load changes CNTY field data.
The ADIF definition of the CNTY (US Country) log field contents is ST,COUNTY where ST is the two character state field and county is the county name. If this field is imported from a MixW2/3 log file into the MixW4 log it is correct. If this field...
58resolvedGeneralImport log from MixW-3 puts data in wrong MixW4 log fields.
Import MixW3 log puts data from MixW3 log QSL message field into MixW4 log QSL via field. MixW3 log field Manager is ignored. It is used in MixW3 as QSL via and should be copied to QSL via field in MixW4 log. I have supplied for a previous bug...
67resolvedGeneral does not work.
63resolvedGeneralCQ Button in contest mode is different to MixW2/3
The two buttons displayed in contest mode are labelled CQ and Search and Pounce. In MixW3 the two modes are called RUN and Search and Pounce. It would be sensible to rename the CQ button as RUN. Is there any form of indicator to show which...
72resolvedGeneralA file MixW4.log is produced in the MixW4 data directory. What is this for?
MixW4.log appears to be populated by new QSOs only. No deletes take place if a QSO is deleted.
78resolvedGeneralCancelling an ADIF file output creates a .adi file.
Cancelling an ADIF file output creates a .adi file.
61resolvedGeneralAUTOCQ macro does not work as expected.
If I click on the AUTOCQ macro or press the F1 key the TX window displays a single right arrow symbol. If I click a second time the macro now puts the CQ data in the TX window and it transmits. When this transmission finishes the AUTOCQ countdown...
71feedbackGeneralAttempt to import macros from MixW3 clears macro file Macros.json
I am attempting to find if any changes have been made to the conversion of macros from MixW3 to MixW4. When I tried to import my MixW3 macros I went through the procedure I wrote for MixW4.1.0.5 in the Help file and found all my Macros had...
18newGeneralAdd transiver model PEGASUS 550 for TEN-TEC - Sapport K1KOB
See Brief help file is written by Colin Bell 2E0BPP, Patrick De Wever ON2AD and Alex Kazantsev UT0UN. Replace by Brief help file is written by Colin Bell 2E0BPP, Patrick De Wever ON2AD, Rudolf Piehler DL3AYJ and Alex Kazantsev...
Move the Spot button in the DX-Cluster windows. So it's easy to spot some Callsigns
if i change setting of the cluster and press cancel and not Save, the cluster still save the changes
After installation if the first thing i do is go to "setting" and press "restore layout" the layout is changing. How could it be? There is no layout to restore because the layout at first run of the program is the original layout of the software.
79newGeneralTransmitting in Contestia mode gives garbled output.
When transmitting in Contestia mode the output in the transmit window is broken up.
73newGeneralMultiplyers to work to be shown on all bands simultaneously
In CQWWCW qml to show the multiplyers yet NOT worked on different bands simultaneously. All Bands or Bands by request without to change band on trcvr.
Why Multipan.db3 and not MixW4.db3 ?
55newGeneralFlex radio'
Please add CAT settings for use Flex radio's I haven't a Flex Radio but some MixW4 users have ask me to ask you to add this in a next version
54newGeneralMixW4.ini file
I see: [Comport] ComNumber=1 BaudRate=4800 ByteSize=8 Parity=0 StopBits=1 DTR=0 RTS=0 But this aren't my setup because I use [Comport] ComNumber=10 BaudRate=9600 ByteSize=8 ...
In some country's is the 60 meter band a fact, so I have add a new band in the menu Bandmap with the next info: Band = 60m Mode = ALL Trcvr = DEFAULT Start. Fq = 5250 Def.Fq = 5280 End Fq = 5450 Click...
Remove this KiwiSDR icon from the front page and set it in the Dialog bar By click on the KiwiSDR they can open the KiwiSDR waterfall and a KiwiSDR setup window Now we will have a usefull and big Waterfall and usefull and big KiwiSDR...
I had some crashes in this and earlier version Here my suggestion. Create an error log file. Also a file that begin with open MixW till we close MixW or when MixW crashed In that log must give all the startup and close...
I see that it's worked on the Contest module, but there is a lot to go for import all the possibile of contests. Maybe go work on all the contests that you can find on R3BB his website and then you have a lot of worked contests
Please add the possibility like in MixW3 for a Custom1.dat and Custom2.dat then now some fields are to large like the RST-..., Mode,Freq etc... and some fields are not in like COUNTY, DOM etc... Suggestion: *********** Let ur...
48newGeneralRX screens
a. When click on a "New RX view" this screen may not be larger than the RX screens in use. b. When close one of this RX screens the "Diamond" cursor in the waterfall must disappear. Sometimes I see two, tree "Diamond" cursors in the...
45newGeneralMode FT8
OK I have done a QSO in FT8 with MixW4-1.0.5 but it's not my favorite, I will stay at the moment with JTDX and WSJT-X. It's not easy, nothing for setup etc... Why not a layout like JTDX or WSJT-x This will be easy to working
44newGeneralMode Hellschreiber
ow create a macro for the submode FM 245 bd or FM 105 bd because the macro command and doesn't work
43newGeneralMode RTTM
a. Add (x = the tones and y = the Hz)
42newGeneralmode Contestia ?
a. Please correct this as Contesti see the ADIF specifications. b. Add (x = the tones and y = the Hz) , and
41newGeneralCW Mode
Mode CW a. Not seen any info about the CW speed of the other station. b. Weight correction doesn't work c. If you can let work the Weight correction then please let it be visual with two lines that indicate the Weight...
40newGeneralRead and Transmit Solomon ID
Please add the Read and Transmit Solomon ID This is a very usual item to transmit your mode and receive the other station his mode
Make the triangle cursor (Diamond) narrower like this is in MixW3.2 Please add the Markers like in MixW3 in the Menu Configure/ Markers... (in layout 1) is a nice indication for stay in the Audio part of the TRCVR.
Macros for daily use and macros for Contests: Why comes the Contests macros in the Folder Macros and not in a separate folder like Macros-contests? or .... Currently we no longer see the trees through the forest The daily and...
Not all the macros work in this version of MixW, I will not list them all but still a few he transmit the date etc... And many other macro commands from MixW3.2 are not in the list
Please add like in MixW3 the Cluster info's (Callsigns) in the waterfall. This is so far I known very MixW unique
The Waterfall of MixW4 I don't like him, those from the MixW2 and are a lot better In the I can use and create my own colors for the waterfall why not here?
34newGeneralCAT Settings
CAT settings On the front left site of the Waterfalls remove the CAT settings such as USB LSB CW etc ... and then change them to the CAT setting in the Config Dialog menu and in the CAT menu to be created. This saves a lot of space that can be...
32newGeneralConfig Dialog
QSL Settings: OK now we have the possibility for eQSL and no more LOTW why not for both together, I use eQSL and LOTW??? and the Columns are in the Search results ??
31newGeneralConfig Dialog
Callbook settings Add the possibility to check if the setup for the callbook is alright see "Callbook settings.jpg"
30newGeneralConfig Dialog
Personal Data: Change Equipments in Transciver And create the next Fields: Transceiver Antenna's, Power, Weather (for a later version of MixW), and some other info's ..... Info about the Weather. In Fldigi...
29newGeneralConfig Dialog
About and: Help: Click on "User Manual" give me the manual in English Why not: Help: User Manual (download manual) Read: First you must download your manual and install it in the MixW folder Dutch Manual PDF...
Create two new collumns for the next info: Station Call and Owner Call the OP Call is already in it as My Call This are like the ADIF specifications Station Call OP Call = My Call in MixW4 Owner Call ...
Log tools: Backup Log: Make backup and Restore LOG isn't no more available ? Why ?
Please create an new column 'DOK' and let import the DOK's, it's nice item for AWARDS.
Crashes when change the mode to Olivia
19newGeneralmasros : error counting imported qso
When selected mode Contestia or BPSK 31/62.5/125 macros returns count qso without imported qso
17newGeneralImplementation macros: - Support K1KOB
8assignedGeneralRX click menu is not intellectual, needs to be improved
When tune to the other frequency, the current QSO data remain filled and block grabber
There are entries in Short Log, but they are not displayed in Log.
13assignedGeneralBug Mode / Pat D
mode: Olivia, Contestia, RTTYM All 3 modes crash. I have attached Eventlogs.
1assignedGeneralGrab works worse than in MixW3
Characters from previous text are used to detect callsign, so instead of G3AA it grabs QEG3AA
11newGeneralMouse click on RX & another callsing
The callsign is not cleared by clicking on another callsign
9assignedGeneralWorld Map is not updated
World Map seems to miss update events and displays previuos call data
7assignedGeneralRX click menu
RX click menu is not intellectual, needs to be improved
6newGeneralMouse click on RX & lock scro;ll text functionality
Needs rearrange.
5newGeneralSave Macro
Rearrange macro edit and save process. there are some non--clear issues during In current implementation
4newGeneralSoftware crash during import MixW3 macro
Software crash during import MixW3 macro (perhaps something with wrong folders)
2newGeneral and
Lost functionality during port from MixW3