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RigExpert Catalog 2022

Відкрийте новий рівень можливостей разом з каталогом RigExpert 2022! Готові здивуватися?! Для завантаження, слідуйте за лінком, будь-ласка: https://rigexpert.com/files/misc/Product_Catalog_2022.pdf.

Workshops in the Rig Expert Ukraine Ltd. office!

Dear friends, it is time to expose our small secret to you. 🗣 Every week Rig Expert Ukraine Ltd. arranges unique workshops!😍 We invite in the role of speakers engineers and professionals in the field of radio, …

Now our analyzers and interfaces are officially used on ALL continents, including Antarctica!!!

On January 17, our office was visited by research scientists, who yesterday went to the Ukrainian Station Academic Vernadsky in Antarctica for seasonal research (Vernadsky_Research_Base).The company Rig Expert Ukraine Ltd. sponcored for Professional and Amateur use: antenna …