3Y0J DXpedition on Bouvet Island continues


3Y0J team

“They did not know it was possible, so they did it” – this citation by Mark Twain completes the text about the 3Y0J project on the website www.3y0j.no.

And we`re sure that we know how it became real. It`s a lot of work within more than a year. It`s striving for a goal despite all difficulties.

Their schedule is so busy that we barely had time to keep track of updates on the Facebook page https://reu.wiki/i. Behind the spectacular pictures and videos for us is daily hard work for the 3Y0J Team.

Despite the fact that all its participants were loading the boat the night before, we received a fresh update and colorful content already at noon.

Today, all team members have safety training. And already tomorrow morning DXpedition will leave the Falkland Islands and will go further along the route, the endpoint of which is Bouvet Island in the South Atlantic Ocean.

Except for a delayed package that arrived today, everything goes according to the plan, and the team is in good spirits.

Proud to sponsor that incredible team!

Keep in touch.

P.S. Special thanks to Adrian, KO8SCA, who chose to create content for you to rest after the night loading of the boat.

Read more about RigExpert VNA, which 3Y0J Team uses in DXpedition on desert Bouvet Island: https://rigexpert.nextdoorcoders.com/en/product/stick-pro/