3Y0J DXpedition on Bouvet island






To be a part of the 3Y0J story, it’s an honor. The RigExpert company was awarded as a sponsor. As early as January, the 3Y0J team will travel to Bouvet Island, the final destination of a

challenging but incredibly exciting DXpedition.

A glacier almost completely covers the Norwegian Bouvet island. It nestles modestly on less than 60 km² of volcanic rocks in the South of the Atlantic Ocean. There are no bays, which makes landing difficult. Even in summer, the temperature rarely rises above zero Celsius. And huge blocks of ice and stones at any moment fall from black rocks onto a thin coastal line. After discussions with the Norwegian Polar Institute (NPI) and other experts, it turned out that the only place to set up the camp safely was Cape Fie in the southeastern part of Bouvet.

The island is inhabited only by birds and seals. The latter’s population has grown tremendously since 2005 when the relevant Regulation restricted access to research activities. Now the 3Y0J team cannot disturb seal rookeries as part of the wildlife.

The brave members of the expedition will camp on volcanic rocks 80 meters (250 feet) above the beach. Due to difficult weather conditions, they will spend at least two days on this.

Safety is the main criterion of preparing for DXpedition to Bouvet Island. In November, several members of the 3Y0J team completed an ice climbing course in Norway on the Jostedal Glacier, the largest in continental Europe. These skills will be helpful as a backup plan for setting up camp on Bouvet.

The course was conducted by a professional guide. He paid special attention to safety and rescue procedures. Training in Norway was much more difficult than the team expected to meet on Bouvet Island. However, now they are ready even for unforeseen circumstances.

An experienced captain and expedition leader with extensive practice sailing in uncharted polar regions, Peter, FTx Op and Crew, will professionally take care of the safety of the entire event and each of its members. He specializes in supporting the most difficult expeditions in the Arctic and Antarctica.

Two medical staff members of the 3Y0J team, Dr. Bill, KO7SS, and Dr. Mike, AB5EB, oversee the physical readiness of all team members for the challenging DXpedition. And each of them, of course, trains independently.

On November 20, the container with all the equipment for the 3Y0J DXpedition arrived safely in the Falkland Islands. It’s the place where on January 14, 2023, the challenge of unity, skills, and character of each team member will begin. And they’ll do great.

The team members chose RigExpert AA-230 ZOOM and Stick Pro Antenna and Cable Analyzers as expedition equipment. We are certain that our devices will also not let them down and will work perfectly even in the most severe weather conditions.

Learn more about Analyzers here: https://reu.wiki/8


DXpedition to Bouvet Island was made possible by donations from companies and radio amateurs. To date, the team has collected 98% of the planned expedition budget of 705,000 USD. Let’s help a wonderful idea come true and make our own small contribution to the popularization of HAM radio.

Donate and learn more about 3Y0J DXpedition: https://www.3y0j.no/funding


P.S. Thanks a lot to expedition member Adrian, KO8SCA, for helping prepare the material