AA-3000 ZOOM: a true star of radio communication!


Antenna analyzer AA-3000 ZOOM

Antenna analyzer AA-3000 ZOOM

The AA-3000 ZOOM antenna and cable analyzer works in radio and television, providing reliable communication in industries, maritime and aviation connections, wireless internet, and much more. This device is used by the most demanding radio amateurs, and we are proud of their trust.

But for us, the AA-3000 ZOOM star truly shone only after undergoing the challenges of war. In a trench, dugout, or the open, in frost and rain – under the most vulnerable conditions, under any difficult circumstances, this tool works.

It is the highest recognition and a great honor that the AA-3000 ZOOM analyzer has been entrusted to serve our defenders, our glorious warriors, and our unwavering military!

More about the AA-3000 ZOOM analyzer – here: https://reu.wiki/aa3000zoom

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