Happy New Year!



Well, the last days of the year are coming to an end.

It was a challenging year… It was hard. Develop new devices, produce, sell, provide logistics and warranty service. Some of us have lost close ones, lost homes, and properties.

You also suffered from this unjust, shameful, destructive, bloody flood, the consequences of which were felt by the whole world — everyone in their own way.

The last days are for the sacred question: what did you leave behind? We also summed up the results. The office, production, and each employee are fully provided to work smoothly and autonomously. Removed all logistical risks and protected our warehouses. We have saved our main strength – our people, by sheltering them, supporting them financially and morally. We have preserved our main value – the highest quality of products and services.

We are grateful to each and everyone who stayed with us this year. Your support made it possible to deploy our plans and achieve our goals. And our shared passion for HAM radio tirelessly inspired us all this time.

What do we want in the next year? Win for Ukraine and Peace for all. We will cope with everything else, as life has shown. We all. Because most of us are strong, fair, united, humane, loving, compassionate, merciful. As life has shown. Everything will be! Happy New Year!