How to automate measurements using Python



“You can share this with your HAM radio friends” – Bill says.

Of course, we welcome this work.
Moreover, the protocol of interaction with our devices is expanding thanks to our new devices.

To get more about communication protocol please follow this link

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Fabrice, F5HCC

Hello. Congratulation for this nice project ! It gives RigExpert's quality for a moderate price ! I just assembled mine and it works great ! Did someone try to upgrade the embedded Arduino software with more possibilities, as displaying complex impedance with the swr so it will be possible to estimate if the DUT is capacitive or inductive ? I have a question about the frequency range of the AA-30 Zero : it is written that the range is 100 kHz to 170 mHz, but the software is limited to 30 mHz... Can the AA-30 Zero be used up to 170 mHz (for 2 meter band) ? 73 from Fabrice, F5HCC.