Shackmaster Power 500. Full load challenge


Shackmaster Power500

Shackmaster Power500

Shackmaster Power500

Shackmaster Power500

Shackmaster Power500

What happened to the Shackmaster Power 500 Compact Desktop 36A|13.8V Power Supply after several days of full load? 

The seller of the best radio equipment in the Netherlands, BCI Communications, subjected the Power 500 to full load for several consecutive days.

Here is the conclusion they reached: “We have tested the Shackmaster Power 500 over the past few days. 

What a positive surprise! 

Firstly, this model is beautifully and above all very practical designed. 

The casing is beautiful and the display is an eye-catcher. 

In addition to the external design of this unit, the technical aspects have also been carefully designed. The display can tilt itself. This ensures that it remains easy to read when placed vertically. 

Some powerful USB-A and USB-C connections have been installed on the front. We find this modern and very useful since many Ham radio-related equipment also uses USB. These connections are HF-suppressed, so charging a telephone, for example, can be done without causing interference to other equipment. 

The primary main input is suitable for a wide AC voltage range. This makes mobile use, for example with a generator, no problem for the Power 500. 

Then the most important thing, the power supply is super stable! 

Even at full load, the unit continues to operate quietly. 

We are extremely satisfied and can call the Power 500 a high-end power supply. RigExpert, Well done!”

We thank our partner KBC import/export for kindly providing a review of Power 500, as well as BCI Communications for trusting our product, which was, however, thoroughly tested before being offered to the user 🙂 We agree that a practical demonstration is more reliable than any words.

And, of course, we eagerly await your feedback on using the Shackmaster Power 500 power supply, our dear subscribers and owners of this device. After all, your experience is our most valuable source of development.

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