Stick XPro: the top-of-the-line analyzer for $80 off!


Have you dreamed of an antenna analyzer with a beastly performance to match the harshest fieldwork? One charging enough for 16 straight hours of measurements across a 1000MHz sweep? Rugged as a tank, readable even in bright sunlight, and unfazed by dust, dirt, or rough handling?

Stop dreaming and meet the Stick XPro!

We are so confident in the durability of the Stick XPro that we cover it with the industry’s longest 2-year replacement warranty

Moreover, the Stick XPro is incredibly easy to use, making it an ideal tool for both beginners and experts. All you have to do is power it up, and you’ll start getting results in seconds.

For a Black Friday deal that’s music to any radio amateur’s ears, catch the Stick XPro at $80 off! But don’t wait too long: this discount is only available from November 24 to 30.

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Treat yourself this Christmas! Try out the Stick XPro and experience high-end antenna analysis that’s finally rugged enough for the real world.

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