We continue to work. For you









Yes, our homes often have no light, heating, or Internet. Yes, we are regularly attacked by Russia’s missiles and drones. While our warriors are driving the aggressor out of our territories, Ukrainian power engineers are making truly heroic efforts to restore electrical and heating networks after each missile strike, again and again. And yes, the temperature in Ukraine usually stays below zero in winter. It is why we so greatly appreciate all allies’ help in rebuilding our power grid. It saves our children’s lives, many of whom are left in Ukraine.
And what morally supports their parents in Ukraine? Job. Everyone who isn’t in front has to work. While our troops are crushing the invader, our civil duty is to provide for them financially. Despite any obstacles. We are the economic second front. And we continue to work on the same scale as before the war, but even more intensively. RigExpert fully equipped the office and production with everything necessary for smooth operation: the Very Powerful Uninterruptible Power System and the Gigabit Passive Optical Network.
Therefore, here, in Kyiv, in the office building, the place of our work has become a place of our strength: our entire team gathers here, often with kids and even pets. Here we continue to work on new ideas, release a finished product, and provide technical support to users 24/7. And we’re just talking here. And we get an incredible charge of support.
Do you know what else? Communication with you. We constantly read you on social networks, instant messengers, and emails. Your reviews, recommendations, questions – any of your interest in what we do, give us incredible drive and desire to work even better. We understand that our work is in demand. It makes someone’s life better. So what we do matters. And then we try even harder. It is why we are deeply grateful to you, RigExpert’s users and partners. You are staying with us during this challenging period, and we are overcoming any difficulties.
Our cities often get darkness. But the light is within us. We continue to work, for you.