We`ve got your back


RigExpertCare Warranty

Really, why the RigExpert? We are not the only manufacturers in the telecommunication market. What uniqueness can we propose to our users? And would we can?

⦿ Care: by becoming a RigExpert user, you get not only a device but also 24/7 customer support directly from the developer/manufacturer

⦿ Reliability and repeatability: every RigExpert VNA is factory calibrated. So, you can use it in a “Switch On and Play” manner in every environment from -15C to +45C and trust the measurement results.
⦿ Ease of use: along with an intuitive user interface, each instrument contains a built-in helper.
⦿ Ready for adventure: Dust- and humidity-protected enclosure plus high contrast big display make RigExpert devices perfect for field use and any OTA activity.
⦿ Reliability of investments: RigExpertCare is unique to the industry 2-year Warranty Support Program. We are so confident in the reliability of our devices that in warranty cases, we just replace the device with a new one.
⦿ Functionality: various measurement modes are adapted to each specific case of using the device.
It’s even more than six causes why a user choices RigExpert. We’ve got your back – one of the main its. Enjoy amateur radio, achieve more in your favorite hobby and make it easy. We take care of your problems.
Read more about our unique warranty program: https://reu.wiki/2