ZOOM: AA-55 vs AA-35


АА-55 ZOOM_001

АА-35 ZOOM_001

These HF Antenna Analyzers continued the ZOOM line with navigation so beloved by users. Thanks to ZOOM, you can easily see all the details of the part of the overall graph you need right on the device display.

Both models are equipped with a color LCD TFT screen (320×240 pixels). The common external parameters also include a waterproof keyboard, a UHF (SO-239) type antenna connector, and a USB port.

The output power of the devices is +13 dBm at 50 Ohm.

Both devices are light (310 grams without batteries). They are comfortable to hold in your hand due to the ergonomic shape of the case.

Like any RigExpert antenna analyzer, they are ready to work immediately after switching on because they are factory calibrated.

The multilingual menu is simple and intuitive.

Different operating ranges of devices are already indicated in their names: for AA-35 ZOOM – frequency up to 35 MHz, for AA-55 ZOOM – up to 55 MHz.

Both devices show SWR, R X, RL graphs.

AA-55 ZOOM additionally displays a Smith chart and measures cable parameters: loss, impedance, length, and Velocity factor. It helps to make the stub correctly. The older model of the analyzer offers one more important advantage: measure the SWR at five different frequencies at once.

Conveniently, both antenna analyzers allow you to work in systems with different impedance. AA-35 ZOOM – at 50 and 75 ohms. For AA-55 ZOOM, this standard is wider: 25, 50, 75, 100, 150, 200, 300, 450, 600 ohms.

Antenna analyzers allow you to operate them from a computer via a USB port. To achieve this, download from the RigExpert website and install the free AntScope2 application. There are versions for Windows, Mac and Ubuntu. This way, you will get even more data about your antenna performance and share the results of measurements on social networks.

The AA-35 ZOOM and AA-55 ZOOM can continuously measure for 6 hours on two AA batteries. They turn off by themselves after the time specified in the settings, when the work has stopped. You can change this setting further. And, of course, the analyzers will work even longer if you connect them to a power source via the USB port. In this case, the batteries are not consumed.

There are ten memory slots for storing graphs. But if you use AntScope2 you download the data directly to your PC. Then the amount of saved results is limited only by the hard disk space.

What unites all RigExpert devices universally is their unique warranty support. You can repair your device or exchange it for a new one, at your discretion, for free within two years from the purchase. It is enough to choose a service partner convenient for you on the company’s website and email him with a completed RMA and a copy of the receipt. The service center will contact you. And that’s all.

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