Public Offer Agreement

Public Offer Agreement
on RigExpert Club Loyalty Program Participation

Kyiv Edition from 2023

This Public Offer Agreement on RigExpert Club Loyalty Program Participation (hereinafter – Agreement) constitutes principle terms and conditions for participation in Loyalty Program “RigExpert Club” (hereinafter – Program).
The present Agreement is a public offer agreement in accordance with Articles 633, 641, 642 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, where one Party – Limited Liability Company RIG EXPERT UKRAINE, code YEDRPOU 34429758, registered address: 03035, Kyiv, Solomianska Square, 2, of. 918 (hereinafter – Provider or Company) – legal entity registered and acting in accordance with legislation of Ukraine, offers in public to any person who accepts the present offer (hereinafter – Member) a possibility to use advantages of the Program, for this purpose publishes the present Agreement addressed to the unlimited number of persons on the following:

1. Terms and definitions
For the purpose of the Agreement the following terms should have the following meanings:
1.1. RigExpert Club Loyalty Program – Program aiming to motivate Members who can enjoy special conditions of purchasing device and using services of the Company.
1.2. Device – device produced by the Company under Trademark RigExpert and/or Shackmaster.
1.3. Website – official web-site of the Company under the link: :
1.4. Personal account – element of web-site interface that contains personal data about buyer of the Company`s device and which is made by registration on the website.
1.5. Club card – physical card of stated design with unique number, issued by the Company which is provided to buyers of the devices under TM RigExpert and/or Shackmaster along with delivery of such device and which entitles its owner to enjoy the Program terms declared in the present Agreement.
1.6. Member – legally capable nature person who has turned 18 y.o. before the moment of receiving the Club card.
1.7. Accept (offer acceptance) – purchase of devices under TM RigExpert and/or Shackmaster and receiving the Club card.

2. Main Conditions
2.1. The present Agreement is concluded by providing full and unconditional approval (accept) of the Member to conclude the Agreement in full without signing by the Parties any written copy thereof. The present Agreement is legally binding and equals signed by the Parties.
2.2. The present Agreement is Terms of participation in the RigExpert Club Loyalty Program., which is held indefinitely.
2.3. The Company may add/ delete/ change list of devices, Program terms and any other essential provisions of the Agreement on unilateral basis without prior notice.
2.4. The Member may get Program information on the Website.
2.5. The Company may at any time make a decision to stop the Program for any reason and notify the Members thereof by advertisement on the Website, via e-mails or by any other means.
2.6. The Member undertakes to acquaint himself with provisions of the Agreement and shall bear the risk of failure of such acquaintance. The Member is liable for providing full and correct data necessary for participation in the Program.

3. Terms of participation in RigExpert Club Program
3.1. Members of the Program are buyers of devices who received a club card with complete set.
3.2. To obtain benefits of the club card Member should log in to his personal account on the Companys` official website. If not registered, Member must complete the registration process and then access his personal account.
In the “My Devices” section, Member should input the serial number of the purchased device in the designated field and confirm by clicking the submit button. The system will automatically validate the serial number, link it to the corresponding club card, and record the purchase date. The purchase date may be adjusted to an earlier date by the Participant but cannot be set to a future date.

4. Benefits for the Members
4.1. Upon registration their purchased devices on the Company’s official website, Members become eligible for the following benefits:
4.1.1. An additional one-year warranty for replacement from RigExpertCare, equivalent to three years in total, starting from the date of purchase and subject to the terms and conditions of the RigExpertCare program.
4.1.2. Software updates for the product delivered via email.
4.1.3. Participation in special promotions and offers. Details of these promotions, including any restrictions, will be communicated through the Company official channels.
4.1.4. The opportunity to win a gift certificate, the value and usage of which will be specified in Program notifications.
4.2. The club card may be used to identify Members for the purpose of obtaining benefits, offers, bonuses, certificates, and prizes at authorized dealers or events. The terms and conditions governing these benefits will be communicated through official Provider channels and may be subject to limitations or restrictions.

5. Other Conditions
5.1. The Program is made for personal usage only.
5.2. Members who enjoy benefits, offers, bonuses, certificates, and prizes at authorized dealers or events in accordance with Art.4.2. of the Agreement should get acquainted with terms of such benefits.
5.3. The club card is property of the Member and the Company is not liable for its loss/ damage/ disposal etc. If the card was lost Member may refer to the Company for its renewal.
5.4. Ukrainian material law is applicable to the provisions of the present Agreement.