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Purchase reliable and easy-to-use AA-35 ZOOM, AA-55 ZOOM, and AA-230 ZOOM antenna analyzers at an unprecedented price!

They are designed by R&D experts and radio amateurs specifically for Ham Radio tasks.

Easily optimize your radio system for outstanding contest victories with RigExpert antenna analyzers:

  • *Operate in the range of 0.06 to 230 MHz
  • Check and adjust antennas quickly
  • Measure accurately all the key parameters of antennas and other RF devices
  • *Find cable faults and set up stubs in a snap
  • Enjoy the large, high-contrast TFT display with the ZOOM function
  • Trust the factory calibration
  • Navigate the multilingual, well-read, and intuitive interface
  • Get help at the push of a button
  • Challenge the durability of the splash- and dust-proof case
  • Stay charged with 24/7/365 customer support
  • Use a unique two-year unit replacement warranty by RigExpertCare

*Specifications may vary by analyzer model.

The offer is valid while supplies last, so act fast and stock up!

Learn more about the AA-35 ZOOM, AA-55 ZOOM, and AA-230 ZOOM antenna analyzers.

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